Unique Cookie Packaging Ideas to Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Cookies are the one product that we purchase for the market without even thinking about it. These sweets have become a part of our life, and we cannot live without them. Do you suddenly feel hungry? Well, a cookie is a thing we should eat. Nearly 93% of Americans love to munch on cookies after a meal. But who invented cookies? We do not know the exact name, but we do know who invented chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies were invented by Ruth Wakefield in the 1930s. But have you ever noticed that the chocolate chips in the cookies do not melt like chocolate? The reason is simple. The chips contain less cocoa butter than the chocolate bars, which helps them to hold their shape.

The competition in the market is increasing. People these days prefer to start their own business, and many people are selling homemade desserts online. But amongst all this competition, there are fewer chances of facing loss in the confectionery business. Every person loves to eat something sweet after a meal. So do not be afraid to start your own business from home.

But like any other product, cookies also require a medium that keeps them fresh. And a suitable packaging is a must if we want to enjoy them for a long time. Many sellers get confused about cookies packaging USA uses for their products. But no worries. In this article, let us discuss unique cookie packaging ideas to enhance our brand awareness.

Box for Cookies:

Let us discuss some types of boxes to use for your cookies. Each box has a different look and features. Always use the one that you find perfect.

·         Two-Piece Boxes:

If you want to give cookies as a present to your loved ones, two pieces is a box you must use. It increases the product value and makes them look even more appetizing.

·        Handle Box:

Attach a handle to your favorite custom box to bring ease to your customer’s life.

·        Sleeve Packaging:

These are the packaging boxes that are getting used in bakeries to sell macarons. If your cookies are of different types, do consider using these boxes. You can also use a cardboard insert in your box to keep each item separately.

How to Give an Elegant Look to Our Cookie Boxes?

Let us discuss some tips and tricks to give an elegant look to our custom Cookie boxes.  

·         Using a Solid Color:

Using a solid color increases our chance of selling the products. Have you ever wondered that the product packaging customized with red always gets attention? And so do other solid colors like black, blue, yellow, green, and purple. Other than that, use a single color to customize your box. Varied colors are hard to blend. Meanwhile, it also takes much time to customize them with printing methods due to multiple colors.

·         Laminating the Box:

Lamination is the process of overlapping the box with a layer of plastic over paper or other materials. It enhances the packaging looks and also protects it from harm. For example, we use a box to protect our products. And so on, sellers use lamination to protect the packaging from harsh factors.

·         Simple Yet Modern Branding:

Branding is the process of activities to develop a brand identity and to build a style guide. But do not go overboard while designing a theme for your packaging. Always keep it minimalistic and elegant. Many people sometimes fill in their boxes with multiple patterns and designs. And by doing so, we basically make the case appear inelegant.

When it comes to branding, always consider the company’s principal or motto. If the brand has a theme, it would be better to use it for all the products. Otherwise, you can always be creative when it comes to enhancing the brand identity.

·         Using Cardboard Inserts:

Cardboard inserts play a crucial role in many industries. But, the food industry plays a totally different purpose. Even though they are still being used to keep the product intact. However, they also play a distinct role which is to make them look appetizing. 

When the inserts keep each item in its place, the product does not get mixed up. And when the food item has icing on it, then inserts are a must thing to use. Otherwise, we would be tasting all of the flavors all at once.

Importance of Eco-friendly Cookie Boxes:

To understand the importance of Eco-friendly packaging, we must first know what is it exactly? Eco-friendly packaging is the sort of packaging that is designed with recycled material. For example, there is cardboard that gets manufactured with recycled paper. It is known as graybeard.

Now, if we were to consider graybeard, we can say that it is 100% organic. These boxes are also popular because they are sturdier and have thick sheets of paper. In the past, it was supposed that recycled paper could never protect the products. But now, the graybeard is one of the materials that are sturdier enough to guard fragile items.

Now for cookies, you do not necessarily have to use cardboard or a graybeard. Many boxes are suitable for cookies, for example, paperboard or Kraft boxes. These are the boxes that often get used for cereals and other food items. They are secure, sturdy, organic, and customizable.

Other than that, also keep in mind that using a non-organic box always affects a brand. It is not a good idea to use a non-organic box when we recently started our business. So, if you are thinking about running a small business, do consider an organic case.

Now use these unique cookie packaging ideas to enhance your brand awareness. And make your brand more visible with cookie packaging providers.

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