Types of Trade shows Banners you can use in your next Trade Show

There are a number of factors that can contribute to making your exhibition booth more attractive and help it stand out from other booths. One such factor is your trade show display banner that can help you to turn the head of the visitors if designed carefully. A magnificent and appealing trade show banner represents professionalism and draws visitors towards your booth. The right kind of trade show display banner can make a huge difference in your booth.

To select the right kind of banner for your booth, it is required to know about the types of banners available in the market. With this blog, we will introduce some examples of trade show display banner stands that are most popular among exhibitors.  

Adjustable Banner Stands

These are a kind of portable trade show exhibit design companies Las Vegas that are quite popular. Adjustable banners will provide a perfect display for your marketing banners as they are built from sturdy, lightweight aluminum and are very easy to assemble. You just have to unfold the banner stand and clip it into an adjustable pole, and ta-da, your display banner is ready.

Also, these banners are portable and dependable which makes them perfect for both the short and long term. Furthermore, adjustable display stands banners not only allow you to change your graphics easily but can be adjusted for their height, width, or both as per your needs.

Retractable Banner Stands


These are exclusive banner stands that can be rolled up very conveniently, hence making them a good and easy signage solution for Exhibit Design Companies Boston and trade shows. As the name suggests, retractable banner stands banners retract and pull out of an aluminum stand that gives them maximum stability. Characters like the ease of use, simplicity, durability, and portability of this banner stand will not let you waste your time in hanging your trade show display banners onto walls.


Spring Back Stands


This kind of banner contains a stationary stand that can display huge graphics with little to no hassles. Spring back tops the list of most affordable and popular trade show booth rental Chicago banners as they lack the moving parts. Graphics of spring back banners are connected to an X-frame stand that provides it the support it requires. These stands use state-of-the-art polymers and carbon fiber rods which means that graphics can be displayed in an eye-catching way while considerably reducing the weight of the display.

Outdoor Banner Stands


Among portable trade show displays, an outdoor banner stand is a popular category. These types of banners have a calculated base, to keep the graphics stable even in the windy weather. As opposed to other banner stands made for indoor display, Outdoor banner stands are made to hold out the wind. To allow the banner to flex in the wind, some of the models from outdoor banner stands have poles loaded with springs. Many models from this category of banner stands can be used for a wide range of surfaces such as sand, grass, soil, and even snow.

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