Type Of Videos That Might Actually Help Your Marketing Strategy?

The marketplace has become very competitive with the increasing popularity of digital media. Social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are connecting billions of people worldwide. It has raised the opportunities for businesses to prosper online. Today, small companies leverage different content formats to reach their target audience. One such important content format is video. 

People no longer enjoy reading long, boring posts. The audience wants something audiovisual, compelling, which is of short duration. It should be engaging and captivating. Here comes the role of videos. Video communicates with the target audience that no other medium can. It has the power to hold people’s attention for a longer duration. Creating and promoting video content is a dynamic way to build relationships with customers.

There are many video formats available to make small business video. But not all can make the video marketing strategy successful. To ace the game, you need to choose the best for your business. Here are the topmost valuable video formats that can help your business thrive. Let’s understand them in detail.

The Spot

Social media sites have reduced the attention span of people. Content creation has become all about telling maximum in the least time. Here is where the spot comes into play. But what exactly does spot mean? It is a typical kind of video which is very short at times. The approx duration is about 15-30sec. It is ideal for promoting small business videos on social media channels. With the support of an excellent online video editor, one can create a spot in minutes. The cornerstones of this form of video are to make it captivating. Also, to deliver the message within the limited time frame. A spot’s content might vary depending on your business and the message to convey. 

Explainer Videos

The best way to pitch a product or service is to tell customers why they need it. It is exactly what an explainer video does. It is an exceptional way to explain the product creatively. Moreover, it also increases brand recognition in the market. These videos usually give a high-level overview of how the product resolves a problem. It educates customers on why they require it and generates leads for the business. It is one of the best tools to convert the target audiences into customers. The best part about explainer videos is that it is engaging and widely sharable.

Instructional Videos

How-to videos are one of the most popular types of educational videos. They demonstrate how the product works or how it is better than others. People don’t have time to read prolonged guides online or offline. So, these types of videos are perfect for such people. They show the viewer rather than telling how to do something. These step-by-step instructions in the form of videos can be both fun and educational. Make small business videos that respond to common audience queries. And towards the end, bring them closer to business by moving them ahead in the buyer’s journey. How-to-videos are also ideal for customers who have purchased a product and are looking for instructions on how to utilise it properly. 

Company Culture Videos

What are company culture videos? They are videos about the brand and working culture of businesses. It highlights what you believe in and values. They can accomplish two goals at one time. Firstly, it is an excellent brand-building exercise. The aim is to market your brand as a whole, not to sell a product or service. It increases brand awareness and increases reach to newer audiences. This type of small business video draws attention to your company’s culture among potential buyers. Secondly, culture videos are a unique way to recruit new talent. Here you can show videos about holidays, about the company, recruiting, and workplace culture.

Community Involvement Videos

A successful company or business is not just about numbers. It is much more than money. Videos about community involvement highlight your contribution to a specific local project. Videos demonstrating community involvement show potential customers that you care. And that your company is part of the solution, not the problem. It humanises your business and team members by painting a bigger picture of your firm. Community videos can help you gain new collaborations and free publicity. 

Behind the scenes

Value-driven content builds trust and establishes a strong bond with your potential customers. A behind-the-scenes film (BTS) allows you to display the ‘true face’ of a company, service, or product. People enjoy learning about the backstory because it gives them insight into the firm and its people. This type of content is typically to entertain people’s spare time. Give them something to see that will keep them interested in your content. With the help of an online video editor, you can create interesting BTS videos. It’s tedious and monotonous to post only corporate-related videos. Show off fascinating processes for developing, manufacturing, or distributing your product or service! 

Teaser videos

Teaser videos are also known as promo videos. They can be an excellent format for significant events or a new product launch. With short, intriguing content, you can capture the audience’s attention. If the first video is successful, you can release it in parts. There are many online video editors available to create teaser videos. It will increase engagement on the website and social media platforms. Promo videos not only increase traffic but also make more brand awareness.

Customer Testimonial Video

Before purchasing a product, the majority of customers read reviews online. They also have higher faith in businesses with positive feedback. That’s why customer testimonial videos are paramount to the success of companies. Video of first-hand success stories builds a personal connection with potential clients. It gives them the confidence to buy the product. These small business videos can be an ideal way to convert potential buyers to direct customers. It also aids you with a competitive edge in the industry. So, whenever you get a good review, request them to make a video. And after editing, post these testimonials across social media channels.


Videos are the present and tomorrow of marketing. Be it the promotion of products or brand building, videos are the road to success. Try different types of content formats and see what connects to the people. The right kind of videos can take your small business to new heights. If you are still not taking the benefits, you miss out on many opportunities. They are one of the most valuable tools to engage with the target audience and stay ahead of competitors. In the end, it’s all about connecting customers to the business. And videos are the ideal way to do it!

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