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When it comes to gifts in India, it means more than a mere gift object. Gifts are something that is beyond the physical form but of sentimental value. Gifting in India is an exchange of respect and acknowledgement where both the giver and the receiver have the desire to build longer relationships and lasting memories.

Let’s be honest here. A lot of time, thought & effort goes into selecting the right gift. Various parameters like being functional, to be used on a regular basis and being personalised come into your mind when it comes to sharing gifts. A few of the personalised gifts that are both functional and trendy are printed mugs and photo albums.

Printed Mugs

Mugs will continue to be a part of our kitchen crockery and our lives as long as we love to have tea or coffee and share beautiful memories – one sip at a time. Be it the being a part of the first meal in the morning as we wake up, to being a part of our evening ritual oven a means to stay awake at night whilst we study or work, a Mug will always be by our side.

A personalised mug can be a mug that is custom made – with an image or text.

Warm or cool – having your favourite beverage in your favourite mug has been the new cool. Some consider it ownership while some call it ‘theirs’. Now both these phrases may mean the same but convey different messages. When you have a printed mug that is gifted to you – it has a special place in your life. It could include an image or a message that simply defines you the best or strikes your emotional chord. Order printed mugs online now.

Photo Album

We all remember the good old days when we visit our grandma’s place and have a lot of fun. A major part of this nostalgic memory is because these days remind you and the family members of simpler times. From sharing meals to growing up together, every memory is etched in a photo album.

Photo Albums have evolved over the decades. It used to be a physical form of a slam book that consisted of a variety of images – each image comes with its story. Now there are PDF formats of digital replicas where we can store our images in a drive that is shared over social media. 

Be it any age or technology, we simply tend to look at the memories we create and are grateful to be a part of them. A personalised photo album here is a great gift when it comes to collating all the special memories and adding a personal touch through a custom message and the art of personalisation. Now picture this – your Grandmom going through all the images and the photo album has a touch of her favourite colour, quote or includes a warm message of gratitude that the family strongly feels for her – for her unconditional love, care, support and hardwood throughout the years. You can order photo album online from presto.

We all look out for the best gift. Being unique is one factor, and staying on trend is another. However, we cannot miss the basics. The strong foundation of gifting lies in the fact of the emotional quotient of the gesture. 

Presto Gifts strongly believes in and advocates expressing yourself to your loved ones – it could be your parents, partner or children. From having a sip of tea in a printed mug to sharing the tea time with your family over laughs and emotions while browsing through all the images in a photo album, building lasting relationships and sending across warmth is at the core of buying and gifting personalised gifts.

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