Top Trading Options Crypto Exchanges Are Offering to Attract New Traders

The ever-growing cryptocurrency market is always attracting new investors. However, some crypto exchanges are using different tactics to attract new investors to their platforms. Not just international cryptocurrency exchanges are using this scheme, other homegrown are too following in the same footsteps.

Some platforms are offering crypto coin exchange at the lowest rates while others are claiming free ones. This is to increase trading volume over the platforms and compete with some best crypto exchanges all over the world. Even with a declaration of the safest crypto exchange, are they even regulated? Let’s find out!

Different Crypto Exchanges Smart Strategies

There are several best exchanges for crypto available across the globe. But why choose newcomers over the oldies? Well, their lucrative offers seriously lure investors on their platform with the aim to increase the trading volume to thousands and multiplied.


Not a new crypto exchange platform but they are penetrating newer markets. OKX is giving $3 million to participants from Asian countries only. This is part of their Asia Lunar New Year promotion strategy. The list includes Bhutan, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other Asian countries.

The contest revolves around the referral system. The existing user should refer an Asian friend to invest on the platform. Both of them will later receive 30,000 SHIB coins and 24 USDT rebate cards. The lucrative crypto coin exchange platform will also be splitting $3 million among participants. And the participant who refers most newcomers on their platform will win a brand new Tesla.


The not-too-old crypto exchange platform has come up with a unique promotional offer. It offers a chance to its users to earn up to $1,000 when an investment is made via Mudrex wallet. When an investment is made more than $1,000, the investor will receive a guaranteed scratch card worth up to $1,000.

The same goes for a $500 investment with a scratch card worth up to $500. But in case of investment of more than $100 then the guaranteed card rewards up to $20 only. With these lucrative offers, Mudrex is trying to become the best crypto exchange for new investors.


Claiming to be the safest crypto exchange, at Belfrics new investors earn a rewarding fee of $1.35 in the form of Bitcoins. This offer is limited to the first 50,000 customers only who fill their KYC form. So, if you are in search of an exchange with unique trading options then it is one of the best exchanges you may come across in the crypto market.


Offering $1.35 cashback when a trader completes their first transaction. To redeem it, the user has to use coupon code “ZEBPAY100”. By following ZebPay social media channels, users can also win iPhones and Bitcoins as a reward.

Giottus Crypto Exchange

An exciting feature “Spin and Earn” allows new users to try their luck and earn free cryptocurrencies. Users have to sign up or engage on their social media handles to try it.

For new customers, the exchange is offering rewards for completing registration and KYC on the platform. They can use promo codes to redeem crypto worth a certain amount of fiat currency.


Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchanges of all times with advanced trading options that compel millions of traders around the globe. The company also has multiple strategies in place to attract new users to the platform. With Coinbase, users can get rewards just by watching videos.

Coinbase Earn allows users to get digital assets as rewards while learning about them in an engaging and uncomplicated way. The entire process is quite simple, users have to watch videos on their preferred crypto assets and then take a short assignment or quiz to test out their understanding of the topics explained within the videos. This is one of the best and unique strategies that helps the exchange acquire users.


Several other new crypto exchanges are offering lucrative benefits to new investors. They are great for beginners to earn some passive income. So, if you are a new trader then the option of passive income on all the above listed platforms can be a good prospect.

However, before going all in on a certain platform make sure to conduct a thorough research and visit their official website in detail to understand the terms and conditions properly. This will help you overcome any kind of uncertainties. This is one of the best approaches every new trader must follow to have a successful and risk-free trading portfolio within the crypto environment.

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