Top 5 Weekend Treks From Bengaluru


Close all your google work tabs, close your laptop and get ready to leave your office. The surrounding area of Bengaluru city is covered with hillocks, clouds and green blankets. Your weekend could look like the hip, trendy weekends in the city or it could look like you lying amidst nature’s lap while the rising sun rays brighten the valley below you. 

Make your escape from tall buildings to tall mountains this weekend. This slice of nature is preserved for this very reason. There needs to be a balance between modern advanced world and forests and natural world free from concrete. Hence, maintaining this balance, man should  go back to nature, mountains, forests to recharge himself. Many travel enthusiasts and trekkers might agree how solitude between nature is important for one’s mental health and re-energizing.

 Get closer to nature, to get closer to yourself. Get to know yourself on these amazing, breathtaking trek trails on the weekend. 

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Peak is around 300 kms away from Bengaluru main city. You might want to take your Friday off too for this weekend trek. The starting point of this trek is from a small village called Mullodi which is a few kilometers away from Kalasa, Chikamagalur.  However, one might need to change vehicles at some point as there is no direct route to reach the Mullodi village. From Bengaluru, one could take a bus to Kalasa, expected journey time is 8 hours. After reaching Kalasa, you could choose to rest or hire a jeep to reach Mullodi village as it is off highway. During the trek you might find yourself in a lush green meadow where clouds await your next step. Once you reach a flatland, consider your trek is halfway completed. You can stop here to rest and hydrate yourself. Since the area is surrounded by Kudremukh National Park, you may find varied species of flora and fauna. Once you reach the Kudremukh peak, your eyes could see all shades of green in the valley and mountains nearby. The best time to visit this slice of nature is during October – February. 

Savandurga Trek

Savandurga is located around 61 kms from Bengaluru. If you are looking for a weekend getaway which doesn’t require you to take a Friday off, this is an ideal trek. This is one kind of trek where you get to climb a perfectly carved granite hill. It is 1207 m above sea level. On it’s summit, the hill has a flat surface of about 10 m wide which offers a perfect spot to watch the sunrise. It would not take more than 6 hrs to complete the trek and come back to the base. In the hilltop, you will observe a monolith structure of a temple. The Sree Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is at the foothills where you can find food vendors. It is recommended to keep yourself hydrated and carry a water bottle as the day progresses, the temperature rises making it difficult to trek. The trek trail is rocky  and unpredictable so if you are a  beginner, go with a group. 

Shivagange Trek

Shivagange is a mountain peak with a height of 800 m located at just 54 kms from Bengaluru. It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre located near Dabaspet. The sacred mountain is shaped like a shivalinga and a spring flows nearby is locally known as  “Ganga”. The hill’s terrain is taxing hence it is recommended to wear stretchable comfortable pants and shoes. The trek trail is fairly easy but the last section to the summit can be tricky. The temple at the hilltop is located inside a cave. Kindly do not litter in the surrounding area. 

Narayanagiri Trek

Narayanagiri is an easy short distance trek within 60 km radius of Bengaluru city. It is a calm hassle free trek where you can go with your family or go solo. It is ideal to watch the sunrise from this peak. Winter is a favourable season to go for this trek as it is too hot during summers and afternoons. It is perfect for leisure strolls during early morning or evenings. 

Anthargange Trek 

Anthargange is ideal for night trek. You can log off your work and head straight towards Anthargange for a weekend escape. While trekking towards Anthargange, you can come across Anthargange waterfalls and Anthargange caves. Since it is a night trek, it is recommended to travel with a local/trek guide. This person can help you explore the two caves and guide you through difficult terrain. The aesthetic after reaching Anthargange peak during sunset is unreal. The golden sunrays, brown rocks, canyons and lush green trees.  

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