Tips to Finance the Best Ceiling Fan on Flexible EMI

The climate of India is hot and humid. Thus, ceiling fans are much in demand across the Indian subcontinent. While air conditioners and air coolers are known for effectively cooling down a room, they are expensive. 

The Orient ceiling fan, on the other hand, is budget-friendly, and since it does not consume much electricity, it can be purchased by individuals from all the economic classes of society. This article will discuss the best Orient ceiling fan and how to buy a fan on flexible EMI.

Tips to get finance for your favourite branded fans:

  1. The size and pitch of the fan’s blade is important as they determine the air delivery around the room
  2. A good motor ensures great performance in ceiling fans
  3. The latest fan models come with greater energy efficiency and can save almost 40% of the energy consumed
  4. The warranty plays a great role in purchasing a ceiling fan as it is indicative of a greater life in ceiling fans

Given below are some of the best fans you can buy at affordable rates:

Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

As one of the most affordable ceiling fans brands, the Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan is extremely popular in the Indian market. It has a sleek aerodynamic design that guarantees a higher air delivery, and the 18 pole motor ensures better performance and longer life and durability. 

The aerodynamically profiled blades also account for rapid cooling and have an air delivery of 240 CMM. The fan has double ball bearings equipped to enhance its performance without wearing down over time. 

Other than five different speed settings, this Orient ceiling fan has a silent operation feature, which allows the fan to function at its best without making any sound. In addition, the Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan is designed from high-grade glass filled compounded ABS, which adds to the durability of its blades. 

With their fluidic silhouette, these blades have been equipped with a high gloss premium PU finish that makes them resistant to dust and rust, further enhancing their durability. The Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan is energy efficient and significantly lowers your electricity bill.

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC Motor Smart Ceiling Fan

The Orient Aeroslim is one of the premium range of Orient ceiling fans. Equipped with the latest BLDC technology, the Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC Motor Smart Ceiling Fan ensures ultimate cooling. It has a larger sweep area of 1200mm, making it suitable for rapid cooling. 

With a speed of 310 RPM, it produces over 240 CMM of air delivery. The Aeroslim fan has been designed with inverter technology that consumes minimum electricity but has amazing performance. This fan comes with high electricity efficiency and can save almost 40% of the energy it consumes.

This ceiling fan model is also equipped with an under light, which produces a smooth diffused light for eye comfort. It can also be programmed for dimmability and a built-in timer. The Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC Motor Smart Ceiling Fan has IOT enabled, which you can easily access from your smartphone device. 

In addition, you can also pair it with Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon. It lets you access a wide range of controls like fan scheduling, fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode and reverse rotation. Available in a sleek look, high finish and futuristic design, the Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC Motor Smart Ceiling Fan is a popular choice among new users.

Orient Electric Aerostorm 1320mm Premium Ceiling Fan

The Orient Electric Aerostorm 1320mm Premium Ceiling Fan is one of the high-end ceiling fan models from Orient. Equipped with the latest winglet technology, this ceiling fan model can adapt to any household with its elegant look and stunning design. 

It is among the most affordable ceiling fans with air delivery of over 300 CMM and a sturdy, durable design resistant to rust. This ceiling fan is available in attractive designs and colour accents.

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