The Importance Of Training For Confined Space Entry

Safety first is a golden rule for a reason. Every safety procedure has a tragic and unfortunately sad tale behind it. All the more reason to respect, and abide by them. When some companies want to cut corners or speed things up, safety is usually the first on the chopping block, which is a horrible business practice. It may sound all easy and logical while we are reading it here, but practical cases tell other tales. The best way for any improvements to start is to take the first step.

1. Prevents harmful inhalations

Confined spaces by definition and practice, have very poor to no airflow. Which makes harmful and deadly fumes, gasses, and similar, easy to accumulate inside. As this requires specialized equipment to approach, it’s also needed for workers to be familiar with using them and how to move and work with them. Gas hazards can incapacitate, or do far more damage to one’s health if not approached correctly.  This is precisely the reason behind handling, working, and moving with all that gear in a very limited space environment. Although they seem invisible or scentless, the danger is always lurking for a chance to rear its ugly head.

2. Procedure familiarity

There are a ton of procedures in this field, to say the least, and each is more important than the last. There is no way around it, and the best way to learn is thru practice. Continuity and persistence are key to any success and with regular training and safety exercises, your work collective will be familiar with them in no time. As this area is constantly being updated and changed, this is also a productive practice to stay afloat with legislature and paperwork. One bonus here is all the transfer of knowledge that will stay with them, and you may even uncover new info and areas that you need to improve.

3. Fewer costs for the company

Many view any investment in this area as something to be skimped on or wasteful. Cutting corners for profit margins leads to many tragic cases that you read online. While some investments are needed, they more than justify themselves in the long run. Applying professional and experienced confined space training from professionals lead to fewer work-related accidents, or worse. With less of those, it is also less expensive for the company.

When any worker is absent, it’s just piling up costs, and the whole production slows down. Now add to that all the legal and medical expenses from a work-related injury, and you will see how the costs rocket sky-high! All of them can be avoided, for a fraction of the cost. Costs associated with implementing proper training, and safety procedures far outweigh any health fees that may come.

4. Proper protocol

Even if you do everything right and think you have it all under control, accidents may happen. There are things out there that are out of our control, and when the worst happens, it is important to know that seconds save lives. Every moment counts, and people have very little time to react. From calling the necessary numbers, alerting proper personnel and applying first aid, there is order to the chaos that ensures.

Regular training makes people adjust and react. When you spring up new and unexpected situations on people, they can get confused and will not react properly. Multiply that when there is a life and death situation at hand. But regular confined space training prevents this as people know what to expect and the proper procedure is being drilled into them. If the worst should happen, they will have some experience and will know what to do each time.

While tackling any new area may seem intimidating at first, the most important step is to get started. Step by step, and you will soon find yourself amidst and in the gist of things. Results will follow, and you will be able to see all the changes you made manifest before your eyes. Any improvement and update you make to this area will greatly increase the quality of life for all of your workers, and make the job that much easier to do. Getting in and out, doing their job properly, and safely returning home is in everyone’s best interest. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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By Michael Caine

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