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There are many wearables today, and the market at almost every end of the spectrum is very large and saturated. The market can overwhelmingly contain headphones, earbuds, intelligent watches, fitness bands, and smart eyewear. The market’s encouraging thing, particularly in size, battery life, performance, and signal strength, is that a lot of wearables are substantially better.

The smartwatch market was 17 billion dollars in 2019. According to global data estimates, it will be a $64 billion sector in 2030. The growth of cellular connectivity, health- and fitness monitoring, and compatibility with other connected devices mostly contribute to this growth. These functionalities are now more convenient to the user and generate demand. To be vital for customers, smartwatches will need a killer case of usage.


Apple has about 45% of the global market, and this year, alone, it ships 12 million handsets in Q2. At present, the firm is on the fifth version of the Apple Watch with an incredibly user-friendly design and interface. It keeps adding features that make the Apple Watch wearable for everyone with an iPhone by default.

Efficient Branding, original design, and tight product integration have contributed to the success of the Apple Watch in this area. Samsung sold an estimated 400,000 smartwatches, a mere one-tenth of Apple’s shipments meantime, upstream. At this time, the Android smartwatch industry has become very fragmented because LG and Samsung are more focused on developing their own wearable operating systems that are directly competitive with the Google-promoted Android Wear smartwatch systems.


Samsung smartwatches are something any other smartwatch user would recommend apart from Apple. The difficulty is that if coupled with a Samsung phone, the Wear app gives them the most capability. Samsung’s watches tend to be a little robust or athletic, reflecting for most of the purposes for why people purchase smartwatches. Importantly, Samsung watches are both healthy and practical for everyday usage. It is believed that it would be preferable if Google Assistants had no workaround on the Samsung Galaxy Watches.


The default choice for Android smartphones to develop a smartwatch is WearOS, which is formerly called Android Wear. Fashion companies also run on the WearOS train and are mostly the Android standard. Because WearOS is more agnostic with a smartphone, almost every Android phone can be paired with any WearOS watch.

Google assistant suddenly was sluggish and slow because it was what caused people in the first place to be so excited about Android Wear and now WearOS. Google’s power was great since it made it possible for individuals to read and respond to text messages by voice and view guidelines when driving. It was also an excellent microphone when driving for telephone calls. All these functions disappeared as it began to feel tricky. Following the release of Android Wear 2.0, things got a little better, but neither of the Watches felt so stable or responsive as it used to be.


Huawei is one of the technology industry’s best-known brands. They’ve achieved many things in the last few years, and they’re now able to tackle technology giants like Apple Watch and Samsung smartwatches. However, you may not get your hands on the majority of the Huawei gadgets if you live in Western countries. If you buy your wearables with all the problems that surround Huawei, you may be unsure.

At present, Huawei GT Watch 2 is the flagship model of Huawei. The original GT Watch will be followed up, and numerous changes are made. The highlight is a new Kirin A1 CPU also featured in the Huawei Free buds 3, which is available in other Huawei products of the current generation.

The new Huawei operating system, the Huawei Light OS, accompanies this new processor. The efficient GT Watch 2 CPU and OS have an unbelievable battery life of 2 weeks. The multiple hardware and functions of GT Watch 2 may be used efficiently. At the end of each day, you will not have to load your smartwatch.

Overall, Huawei’s bold new direction is presented in the GT Watch 2. They now use their operating system to construct their ecosystem slowly. Most competitors may lack various features, but it has some unique aspects that make it incredibly competitive. Overall, this product is catching the eye of customers and has received positive reviews on different platforms. You can try this trending smartwatch and experience the difference.

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