The Best Valentine Day Gifts under RS.1000

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It seems like a challenge when coming from the festive season celebrations you are a bit short on finances! Maybe you have spent a little over your budget or have made New Year resolutions with your pocket. But, when it comes to matters of the heart, it is important to let the man or woman of your life know how important they are to you on Valentine. Online gift shops are offering a seamless way to buy affordable gifts hassle-free. In this post, we share the best Valentine’s Day gifts under RS.1000. Read on.


Since cakes are the essence of all celebrations, a lip-smacking and enticing cake will surely make the love of your life blush. You can present a heart-shaped red velvet cake, chocolate cake, and poster cake, to name a few. Remember to choose your loved one’s favourite cake flavours and designs. With a wide variety of cake options, you do not have to break the bank to melt his/her heart with Valentine’s cake.


Flowers are the solution to the problem of finding the perfect gift for expressing the deepest feelings and emotions to anyone. Red flowers are a staple gesture for loved ones to convey love and affection. So, why not surprise her with a bouquet of fresh and fragrant red roses? You can present the flowers in a box, wrapping paper, vase, or basket. Take the romantic flower gesture a step further by presenting your loved one’s favorite flower types and colors.


Other than providing a natural solution for oxygen and filtering toxins, plants have a lot of benefits such as decorative solutions for indoor & outdoor spaces and are known to have a spiritual meaning. Plant gifts are gifts that will always keep on giving! Surprise the love of your life with a plant for Valentine in a personalised vase. Some of the most common plants for gifting are Money Plants, Bonsai, Jade, and Luck Bamboo Plants.


If your better half is “a picky person”, a gift hamper will surely get you a 10/10 score on the romance chats. With a gift hamper, you do not have to worry about not making the same gesture over and again. There is a variety of gifts that can be assembled in a basket and box among other unique & creative arrangements. Some of the gifts to include in the Valentines hampers; are customised bottle sets, assorted chocolates, cupcakes, fresh & dry fruits, bar kits, scented candles, and cosmetics, among others. 

Gift cards

A gift card is one of the best ways to express the feelings and emotions one has for someone. The best part about gift cards is that they are souvenirs that will always bring happy memories to lovers. So, why not use digital gifts to your advantage and surprise the love of your life on Valentine with a digital postcard. With a lot of cool artwork, there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular digital gift card themes are caricatures, and magazine & newspaper front covers, among others.

Personalised gifts

If you are looking for something quirky to rekindle the romance, then you should consider personalised gifts. Since many gift items are personalisable there are endless possibilities on how you can make the best impressions. Some of the gifts are cakes, gift cards, showpieces, jewellery, t-shirts, grooming and makeup kits, photo lamps, plant vases, mobile phone covers, and photo frames.

Gift combos

Make the best impressions on your significant other with a romantic Valentines gift combo. Some of the most common combo ideas are flowers and cakes, flowers and chocolates, and plants and cakes. To help you put together a thoughtful Valentines combo gift consider options like;

Roses and cakes – a heart-melting arrangement of red roses in a customised red box alongside a lip-smacking and enticing red heart-shaped cake.

Soft toys and flowers – a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear doll paired with a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers in customised wrapping paper.

With some stores, you can also customize the Teddy Bear with flowers Valentine’s gift as you wish!

In Conclusion

Now that you know the best Valentine’s Day gifts under RS.1000. Search for reputable online gift stores offering a wide variety of options within your preferred budget, customisations, and a reliable & flexible delivery schedule. Happy Valentines!

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