The 7 most popular camping locations in India

In the coldest seasons of winter or the summer, when it is sunny, camping is a very popular sport in India. Beginning at the Himalayan ranges and heading to the North to the Rajasthan deserts, and further, you’ll have no campsites in this area.

There’s no wrong way to camp in this region, or those who want to adventure that’s more restful in the wild can select one of the luxury resorts and camping experiences. Campers of the traditional kind can build their tents and then enjoy an evening or two under the stars in the night sky. Camping in India is possible alongside other activities such as river rafting, rappelling and boating.

1. Spiti Valley: It is one of the top camping destinations in the region; hikers and campers alike flock to Spiti Valley throughout the year.

The region is dotted with many lakes in high elevations with green valleys and barren mountains, begging to be explored. Many Tibetan villages are located along the valley, as well as tiny monasteries scattered across the region. The best time to go to Spiti is during the summer months from May through August, when the weather is most pleasant.

2. Sam Sand Dunes: The luxury camping spot is ideal for people who are looking for an extravagant and simple experience.

The camp is spacious and spacious camping tents, fully equipped with bathrooms and meal plans. Many enjoyable activities are available on the premises, including tours, guided trips, and fire pits. Sam Sand Dunes present live entertainment frequently with belly dance shows as well as DJ nightclubs.

3. Neora Valley Camp: It has stunning views across the Himalayan ranges as well the Himalayan ranges.

Nature Camp Nature Camp provides a great getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The camp offers basic camping rooms that are available to stay in. Numerous trails for trekking wind through the forest, and you could take a wildlife tour.

4. Rishikesh: The temperature is low, the temperature in Rishikesh is well-known for being very low, and winter camping is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

The most effective method to enjoy camp in the mountains is to mix it with other sports such as river rafting, mountain climbing, and hiking. Look over the reviews in the Thrillophilia area for more information about camping near the River in Rishikesh.

5. Tso Moriri: Camping on the lake is an experience that skilled campers shouldn’t overlook. This lake has mountains of snow on all sides. Mountains on all sides surround it. Himalayan Lake is one of India’s most stunning camping destinations.

There are many traditional camping sites near the lake, offering stunning images of the sparkling Tso-Moriri. Most camps offer spacious, well-equipped camping facilities; however, there are other campsites here as well. If you’re not prepared to bear the brutal Himalayan frigid temperatures, the best time to make a reservation on Tso Moriri would be during the summer months.

6. Solang Valley: With the backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan mountains, The beautiful green valley is breathtaking in its newness.

While camping in organised camps could be an alternative, it is possible to set up your tent on any of the camping areas listed on this page. Camping within the valleys isn’t just a singular event as it is possible to combine it with other exciting activities such as paragliding, parachuting ski, among others.

7. Nameri Eco Camp is located in Assam: The eco-camp Nameri Camp offers luxurious accommodation in thatched-roof cottages, huts and tents. The location close to Nameri National Park makes the camping area highly sought-after by those who enjoy wildlife and visit Assam.

The campsite offers meals and serves tasty and healthy traditional food. It is possible to take advantage of other sports such as rappelling, wildlife tours and rivers, river rafting and many more. Look over our Thrillophilia Review from Nameri Eco Camp to learn more about the experience that campers have had here.

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