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If you’ve been running a business for any time at all, you realize that recent events are going to have deeper and longer-lasting implications and ramifications than you originally might’ve thought and many people still think. The financial ramifications of the various shutdowns are one thing, believe it or not, plenty of safety nets exist there to stabilize things. This isn’t America, after all!

However, the true ramifications are the rapid adoption of the Internet as a primary forum for business, social interaction, commerce and work. It’s actually hard for most people to realize the impact this will have on how businesses are run, how marketing will work and the major change in attitude this will render upon almost all demographics, and this is why you need the best business advisor Melbourne can offer or the best business mentor Melbourne can offer.

If you have dealt with people on the Internet at all, which any business person should have by this point, you are familiar with the “Internet attitude”, that is, the impatience, hostility and rapid propagation of negative PR that can happen just because somebody had a bad day and you were in their line of sight. Moving forward, you will have to be able to field this, combated and predicted at the same speed at which it propagates, something that isn’t easy unless you understand the sociological nature of Internet communications, as well as how to utilize the same platforms used to smear a company’s name in order to control said smearing.

The problem is, that attitude use be limited to people within certain age ranges that were extremely used to the Internet to the point of second nature, but that is about to be the case for pretty much every demographic under the age of 80 years old. This would not have been the case for a few more decades or it not for the rapid adoption forced by various lockdowns due to the pandemic that just won’t die.

Along with this, as I said, marketing is going to change as well. Traditional advertising is extinct, you may as well just not bother wasting your time or money on television, radio and print ads. There is also no point in web banners, people vehemently block such things. The route to go is passive SEO marketing to attract customers and social media interactions along with some small amount of SEM to retain and engage existing customers as well as announce new products and changes within your company, brand or corporate culture.

Lastly, you need the best business advisor Melbourne can offer the best business mentor Melbourne can offer because the same sort of Internet attitude and interaction will happen between your employees, ultimately making office politics, office relationships and your overall working environment much more complicated and volatile as the years go by henceforth.

There is absolutely no shame in seeking out help with this, nobody is truly prepared for it except for those special, educated analysts there to help every business come to grips with all of this!

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I help driven and energetic business owners and leaders increase their profits and their operating efficiencies.

As your coach, I will help you achieve more using proven tools, methodologies and systems, that have been tested and perfected. I will hold you accountable for your results and, just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

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