Skills over credentials  – A Massive Shift in Talent Spoting

When it comes to employment, organizations today seek skills that count and not the degrees. Each year Indian engineering colleges churn out around a million graduates. Sadly, only a quarter of them are readily employable and rest either start preparing for various government jobs or higher studies related examinations or end up in a second rung low skill-set job for which their qualifications are an overkill. These graduates do not have any dearth of certificates validating their educational qualifications but lack the orientation and finishing layers that can make them eminently employable.

While on one hand there are those who speak only about their degrees, on the other hand there are numerous examples of those who have created a niche for themselves without having a single degree or certificate to fall back on. Consulting Recruiters encounter these scenarios on a regular basis.

Talk about success stories and Microsoft and IBM are the names that first come to mind. They truly exemplify that credential do not matter when it comes to securing a good job or to create a top company. Even in India, we have numerous such examples. Oyo Rooms being one of them. The start-up had been created by someone with no industry experience or college certificates. These and many more such examples show that skills are more important than credentials and a file full of certificates and degrees just does not suffice to carve a niche in this fast-changing world.

Globally, Indian professionals are considered as the best in their respective fields and are in great demand due to their expertise. It signifies the inherent strength of higher education system and its capability to prepare young professionals to make a mark in the global scenario. The average age of India is only 24 and in 2022 the average age will be just 29. Whereas during that time, the average age for America and China will be 37, for Japan it will be 48 and for Western Europe it will be 42. India has a strong edge over others of being a nation with the youngest population.

Undoubtedly a tremendous advantage in terms of having a large and young population awaits India. But there is a dire need to channelize this demographic advantage. To make the most of this demographic dividend, we have to put our education & skill development sector in order. If we fail to do that, we will only be adding mouths to feed and not hands that work. And if this happens, unfortunately not only we will be giving up the opportunity that comes in the life of a country only once, but we would also be doing injustice to all our future generations. If that happens, then what could have been a demographic dividend will transact into a demographic nightmare.

With a prediction of around 1.6 million new jobs to be created in the next one year, the need for a skilled workforce is at an all-time high. Situation is indeed alarming as India will need more skilled candidates to meet the growing demand of employable and skilled workforce. Partner with consultants in Noida can help your company reap the required skillsets over credentials. As they have the efficient pool of human resources to satisfy the jobs requirements.

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By Cary Grant

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