Should I shop at a vape shop instead of a typical smoke shop for my vaping needs?

So, maybe you have had a lot of people recommending vapes to you instead of your traditional cigarettes, cigars or tobacco pipes. You may be sick and tired of society nagging you, you’ve already made all the concessions necessary to be a considerate human being, after all. You don’t smoke in public spaces, you don’t smoke around anyone else who isn’t a smoker, you go out of your way to keep your clothing fresh and not smell like smoke around partners or in professional environments. After that point, is it really anyone else’s business to police and babysit you, nagging you about your health? I would argue that it absolutely isn’t, but I would still passively recommend switching to vapes, and a simple search for vape shops near me will reveal all manner of retailers in your area eager to get you started and introduce you to the products if you aren’t familiar with them.

If you already use of vapes, and are simply debating whether or not to go to a specialty shop versus your smoke shop down the street, I’ll get back to you in just a moment, but let me take a moment to advocate to those whom haven’t tried it yet, exactly why products from a vape shop are so much healthier than real tobacco.

Unlike cigarette smoke, which is produced by combustion and contains caustic ash, carcinogenic compounds in all kinds of unpleasant crap added by manufacturers, E-liquid simply contains an alternative form of nicotine, a glycerin base and some sort of flavoring. It does not burn, it is simply heated by a coil, producing an inhalable, satisfying mist. There is no secondhand smoke, there is no ash, there are no harmful compounds whatsoever that can cause any kind of medical issues inasmuch as science can currently predict. Nicotine itself isn’t actually that harmful, simply being very addictive and probably not good for people with high blood pressure or still-developing bodies.

That said, you should go to a vape shop rather than just a general convenience store or smoke shop simply because there are so many varieties of these to try that even if you have been using them for a little while, you run the risk of not finding and discovering your favorite product unless you go to a place with boundless shelf space and possibly even an integration of an online storefront where they can order product they don’t have on the shelves for you. A general smoke shop won’t do this, but if you do a search for vape shops near me, just about any specialty vape shop in your area will probably be able to accommodate you in these manners. Along with this, the knowledge dissociates will be happy to politely help you and explain your concerns about products and make recommendations based on what type of smoker you were before you switched over. Shosha is your one-stop vape shop for all of the most sought after products, manufacturers and more!

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Shosha is the largest Australia Vape shop for Vape Devices, Vape Juice, Hookah Shisha Accessories. Our goal is to help you quit smoking! We only provide the best quality E-Cigarettes, Vape Pens, E Liquids, Vape Accessories in Australia
Shosha Australia offers an industry-leading selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and vape accessories. In Shosha, you can find all your favorite e-cigarette brands and vaping accessories under one roof. We stock the most popular international vape brands such as SMOK, Vaporesso, UWELL, Joyetech, Aspire, Eleaf, Geekvape, DotMod, Wismec.
We also have 100% New Zealand Owned Trusted Brands such as Shosha Vape, Lawless, Palm Fit, Crown Vape, HEL Vape, Elate Vape, Smoka Vape, EV (Electric Vape), VG (Vaping Gadget), Hollywood Vape, Battery Vape, Party Vape, Vapor World and much more. You can choose our Vape Kits that start from the affordable price range to the exotic ones. From Vape Starter Kits & Vape Pods to Regulated Mods, Mechanical Mods and Sub-Ohm Tanks. We are proud to offer them all! Lastly, we carry an extremely diverse and large selection of E-Liquid Flavors and Vape Accessories including vape coils, tank glass, mouth tips, batteries and chargers.

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