Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Party Dresses

The first thing we women think of before attending a party is, of course, the dress. This is a decision that is sometimes very difficult for us to make. We do not know if we want to wear a long or short dress; maybe one fitted or with some pattern. The occasion and our personal style also influence.

To help you and all women in this situation, we have created this shopping guide. Here you will find everything you need to know to buy your ideal party dress.

The most important

There are several types of prom dresses according to the type of cut they have. To choose the right cut, we have to know our body. Thus, we can identify which one will make our figure stand out to make us look spectacular and beautiful.

There are colors to avoid depending on your skin tone. Although some favor you, there will be others that do not. Each of us has a color that will enhance our image 100%.

In order for you to choose the right party dress, you must know what type of event you will be attending and if they have a dress code. Thus, you must take into account some purchase criteria such as the length of the dress, the material and the neckline.

When it comes to choosing the right party dress, we have many doubts. We want to wear one that highlights our figure and makes us feel comfortable. This will always depend on various factors, such as the type of cut or our skin tone. Therefore, we have prepared this special guide for you with all the necessary information.

What types of party dresses are there?

One of the most important points when choosing the perfect dress is to know the types of cuts that these have. Thus, we can define our figure and highlight our best attributes.

What are the trends for party dresses this 2021?

The goal of this article is for you to find the right dress for you. For this reason, we have decided to show you a list with the best trends in party dresses this season. You will go to the last!

Currently, there are many styles of dress that adapt to the different personalities or ways of feeling of women.

Colors and embroidery

One of the most marked characteristics of the 2021 party dresses will be the use of light and fun colors. You will see this especially in the embroidered details. These embroideries will have as main protagonists the flowers in all their varieties, making them the protagonists of the garment.

The patterns

Printed party dresses will show off more than ever at weddings. Flowers, color gradients and polka dots will be the most used motifs. These range from delicate prints with small flowers to designs that take up the entire dress.

Short garments: imposed in 2021

To go comfortably to any type of celebration, there is nothing better than a short dress. These will be essential to follow the trends of the year that is already in progress. These will be worn above the knee and will be worn by those who opt for more extravagant models.

Elegance at its finest

The classic formal style will continue to be present in 2021, although more renewed and modern than ever. The vast majority of wedding party dresses will have voluminous skirts. High necks and wide necklines will also predominate.

How to choose a dress according to your skin tone?

Choosing the right color when dressing is essential to look good. If a color suits you, it will highlight your natural beauty. On the contrary, choosing a color that does not flatter you can make you look pale and dull.

In this section, you will discover which colors go best with your skin tone:

White complexion: It is best to opt for bright colored dresses. Shades like red, black, dark blue, silver or gold and pink will favor you. They are also elegant colors suitable for any special occasion. Avoid pastel tones, as they will accentuate your paleness in an exaggerated way.

Brunette complexion: This is one of the skin tones that tends to have a little more flexibility when choosing colors. Even so, the most recommended shades for you are dark blue, light blue, white, black, pink, beige, pink, white and red. The intense colours will always make your wardrobe choices a success.

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