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Hiring a plumber you can trust is essential, especially in the case of an emergency. In the event that your plumbing issues are not time-sensitive, it helps to spend more time looking for the best plumbers Perth local can vouch for. Enlisting a plumber you trust means you’re less likely to be taken advantage of. A less trustworthy contractor may attempt to charge more for their services, or push you into replacing system components when repairs are more affordable.

Furthermore, Australians should also know that performing their own plumbing work is illegal. As is hiring and using a handyperson or DIY expert. The service you hire for plumbing repairs must be licensed. Here are some tips on choosing a plumber you can trust, who can meet your needs and is reliable.

Selecting a plumber where you are

The best plumbers are not just those with certification and a license. Look for a plumber with a strong track record and experience. An experienced plumber will know more from working in the industry for an extended period. A knowledgeable and experienced plumber will get your work done faster because they won’t have to investigate the problem for as long. When looking for plumbers Perth you’ll want satisfactory answers to the following questions.

Does your plumber offer a guarantee on their work or warranty on materials?

When a plumber offers a guarantee or warranty on their work, this shows that they can be trusted, and possess the know-how to fix your plumbing issues. A guarantee on the work shows they are confident in their skills. Ultimately, if your plumber had to return to every client to re-do the work performed, this would cost their business a lot of money. A plumber should be proud of their work and willing to stand by its quality. The length of the warranty and terms will vary depending on the plumber and the project.

Is your plumber insured?

You want to find a plumber that is not just licensed but also insured. The best plumbers Perth locals can turn to will be fully insured to protect themselves, protect you and your home.

What are other people saying about your plumber?

There are a few ways to find out what former clients have to say about your plumber’s work, professionalism and timekeeping. You can look online to read reviews, and you can also ask around to see if anyone you know has used said plumber. Ask any potential plumbers in your shortlist for references and if they refuse to provide you with references, bump them off your shortlist.

What services does your plumber offer?

When looking at plumbers Perth, you should check that they offer the services need and have a wealth of experience in the industry. Some plumbers focus on installing appliances, some on construction and renovation work, others focus on emergency call-outs, so be sure to hire a plumber that offers what you need, so you can have confidence in the work they do for you.


By answering the questions above, you can better choose a trustworthy and skilled plumber. Add them to your contacts, and that way, you’ll want to use them each time you require plumbing services.

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