Screen Printing For Promotional Purposes

The reason screen tshirt printing or silk printing is so popular today still as a promotional and marketing tool is that as well as being effective, it is cheap and quick. You can print your design, messaging, logo, name on more than just a shirt, you can print on other garments and things like bags, caps and such too. It is not just businesses that benefit from promotional materials. You can use printed garments to promote a charity, an event, your church, a family party, a class reunion, a big game, a school and more.

Make the t-shirts attractive

There are a lot of businesses that offer t-shirts as promotional material so one of the things you need to do is make yours attractive, high-quality and well designed so you stand out. You will grab more people’s attention, people who own them will want to wear them more and keep them for several years. Personalized tshirt printing can be an innovative way to promote your business, service, product or brand. You can stand out from the colours you use, the logo you create or even the wording you use. Be clever, witty, think about what is going to stay in someone’s head.

Creating a memorable company logo

A part of that as mentioned is having a logo people remember and recognize. When you think of the big companies they all have a logo millions are familiar with and are loyal to. With a great logo for your tshirt printing, you can create an identity around it and enjoy an increased success and profit margin. The most successful logos are created by professionals who know what they are doing and how to achieve things. Amateur logos are more likely to look just that and then are easily forgotten. This is an important part of your brand building efforts. Here are some things to consider to create a great logo.

  1. Try to convey the nature of your product or business and the character.
  2. Be concise if you use designers, give them a clear guide on the tone and style you are looking for, elegant, funny, young, simple, sombre and so on.
  3. Talk to designers about what their experience tells them would work best for your business.
  4. Make sure whoever designs it knows what your business is about and who your main audience is.


When it comes to expert personalized tshirt printing you need to find a printer with experience and know exactly what you want for the logo part of the printing. You could also choose to have the logo the part that is embroidered, it is a sign of a high-quality shirt since embroidery costs more. Some printers have designers who can offer help with your logo creation or you can pay for a professional, work with them, and then send the right format to the printer to work with. Have them show you what it will look like as sometimes colours are not quite matched and you need to see it to know if it is close enough.

Bio – PrinteeSG was previously known as Tough Men Apparels. The company started off as a shirt printing company. The owners left their corporate lifestyle to pursue their dream of having affordable and quality sportswear available to the mass public. Starting out in 2014 as a home based business, PrinteeSG has expanded rapidly within the past years to become a leading company in terms of customised sportswear and affordable tshirt printing in Singapore.

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