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Do you need construction metal scaffolding? Contact Kent scaffolding! They are engaged in the sale and leasing of metal scaffolding and the production of towers. They use high-quality metal in the manufacture of scaffolds and regularly check the reliability of their metal structures, which ensures that their customers receive quality products. The company’s employees are qualified specialists, each of whom conscientiously and effectively performs their duties. They carry out fast delivery within the city. If you are outside these regions, delivery is carried out in agreement with their manager, who will also answer any question you are interested in. The company’s lawyer will professionally draw up a contract, which will successfully regulate the relationship with you to avoid any misunderstandings. They guarantee you that cooperation with their company will be one of the most successful transactions you have!

What does Kent Scaffolding offer?

They have available frames and clamp metal scaffolding, optimal for use in different conditions and different purposes. Frame scaffolding, as a rule, is used for finishing work on the facades of buildings and other structures; they are light in weight, easy to assemble, and withstand a maximum load of 200 kg per square meter.

Clamp scaffolding can withstand a load of up to 250 kg per square meter, is well suited for work on complex objects, and requires high professionalism during assembly. They have more significant weight than frame structures. Clamp scaffolding can also be used suspended.

The cost of renting clamp and frame metal scaffolding is affordable. The rental of metal scaffolding can be a very profitable solution if you do not need building structures for a long time.

They also offer scaffolds for sale. You can always order scaffolding in a ready-made form now; such scaffolding is called – scaffolding in the package. Their scaffolding is often used to reconstruct various structures (aircraft, ships, buildings). On the example of one client, it can be said that the client himself developed the design plan and the technically necessary part for the production of clamp scaffolding. Which will later be used for the modernization and painting of AN-351 aircraft; this is impressive; they always help such clients with advice and, in which case, they reach agreements, both in production and deliveries.

Why is Kent scaffolding considered the best?

Although there are a lot of enterprises of this profile, they are not afraid of competition. The reason for this self-confidence is several advantages that their company has:

  • Experience – They have been working in building structures for many years. During this time, considerable experience has been accumulated, all possible technologies have been studied, personnel have been selected, and all necessary equipment has been purchased.
  • Quality – all the company’s products comply with current standards and GOSTs. This allows them to speak with confidence about its highest quality. Regardless of the volume of the order they carry out; quality certificates are issued for all products. Constant control of production and responsible attitude to work are the characteristic features of their company.
  • Competitive prices – thanks to skillful management and long-term cooperation with the best raw materials suppliers, the Kent scaffolding can maintain competitive prices. The quality of the products remains at a very high level.

Advantages of working with Kent scaffolding


Despite the apparent ease of construction, it is very reliable. Stability and a sufficiently large load capacity are ensured by using only high-quality raw materials, detailed calculation of loads, and a high manufacturing level.


Such structures will provide your employees with very comfortable working conditions. Without fear for their own life and health and having free access to each area of ​​the surface to be treated, the master will be able to increase the productivity of his work significantly.


Thanks to the excellent quality of the materials used and the assembly, scaffolding, and towers of their production can last for a very long time. The metal is reliably protected from corrosion, and all connections have a significant margin of safety.


It is very easy to assemble and disassemble this design. This does not require special equipment and special devices. Before work begins, several employees will quickly set up scaffolding or tours, which will significantly shorten the preparatory period and allow you to start performing the main tasks immediately.


In the production of scaffolding, the company’s engineers consider all the necessary specifications of builders and installers. When making scaffolding, they make sure that during the construction and installation of any structures, people do not receive any injuries, so the safety of scaffolding is above all for them.

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