Rule and Regulation Above Resistance Zone: What do Option Data Say for Bank Nifty

Nifty closed at 17,845 (up 2.2%). The index continues to be in the bullish trend. Traders and investors should continue to remain cautious, as risk-reward on the downside has become less favorable. We’ve put together a chart showing how Nifty is tracking today. This chart suggests that Nifty may bounce back above 18,

 NSE Nifty closed almost at 17900 level on Friday, after hitting a high of 17949. The key support level is at 17890 and a breakout below 17890 will see the markets moving down to 17800 level.

The new year has started on a positive note with key indices trading at new high levels. Get in touch for expert advice on your banking product stock trading account software.

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The nifty is the symbol of bse india which contains the shares of 500 is one of the most leading examples of futures trading because its rise or fall greatly influence the market and profit or loss of many traders.

With rising inflation, the Reserve Bank is expected to keep interest rates unchanged today. Experts predict that the central bank may cut rates against growing inflationary pressures.

This experiment aims to predict future index price movement of Bank Nifty listed in National Stock Exchange. We’ll be using two models: One is XGBoost based model and another one is Random forest based model. 

Up and Down, up and down! Predicting the stock market has been quite a hard task for humans and machines. In this blog post, we bring you a new machine learning model that predicts movement of Bank Nifty index.

If you are an investor and are considering using machine / deep learning for stock market prediction, try out our trend following model built on an Ensemble of DNNs trained using TensorFlow , Keras and XGboost . For historical price data from NSE since 2006, please visit here .

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Let’s find out if neural networks can predict the stock market. Apply the same model to your own favourite stocks to see how accurate you can be!

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