Quick Skin Myths You Must Know for your Better Skin

There are many of you who do not take care of skin. And some of you do take care of your skin but you are not doing it the right way. Of course, there are so many things that you do not do for your skin. And there are some things that you do thinking that they are correct. The point is you need to be beware of skin myths.

Once you know that you have a skin issue, you can go to skin clinic in Bangalore and ensure that you get rid of your issue. But otherwise, you should definitely know about some skin myths that are important for you to know. Here are some of them:

Skin continually renews itself

The reality is that skin offers a dynamic barrier between your body’s internal environment and that of the outside world. Cells known as keratinocytes in the epidermis (the outside layer of skin) are all the time dividing to generate a supply of cells that move up via this layer and are shed from its overall surface. Your skin is a wealthy source of stem cells having the capacity to fork and reintroduce themselves.

Moisturising is important for oily skinned people too

The reality is that you must moisturize at least once a day, even if it looks counterintuitive to your skin type. It is because the oil glands in the skin get into overdrive to compensate for getting dehydrated. The point is you need to hydrate your skin with mild moisturising to ensure that your skin is safe and healthy.

Drinking water for healthy skin

Well, it is not the truth.  The sum of water you consume does not really directly affect your skin. Water gets supplied to the skin through the blood flowing through the dermis, the inner layer of your skin; water is lost from the epidermis, mainly in a dry type of environment.   Remember that water is absolutely needed to maintain skin hydration and once you become seriously dehydrated your skin appears dull and even is less elastic. In a healthy person the internal organs – like that of kidneys, heart and blood vessels – control the overall amount of water reaching the skin. There is no specific volume of water that you require to drink, it just depends on the sums you are using and even that of losing.

Stress makes skin unhealthy

Well, it is the fact. There are various health issues in modern life that you do blame on stress, but several skin conditions have been seen in scientific studies to be deteriorated by life events, possibly through stress hormones including cortisol (the steroid hormone formed up in the adrenal glands). Distinguished examples are alopecia areata, an even that of auto-immune condition where the immunity of the body begins to attack the hair follicles, triggering hair to fall out; psoriasis, another auto-immune situation that triggers skin thickening, scaling and even that of inflammation; and eczema, itchy type of red skin inflammation often emerging alongside asthma, high fever and even other allergies. Unfortunately, a flash up of these skin conditions is really what you don’t really require when you are experiencing stress or under pressure.


To sum up, you can check out skin treatment in Bangalore and ensure that you get yourself the treatment that you want. And of course, since you know about these skin myths, do the right thing.

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By Cary Grant

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