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Getting into different levels of t-shirt printing is a great way to be unique either as a person or business or organisation. You can have so many different colours, images, lettering, styles and such that there is a lot to explore to find what you love. Finding skilled and reputable Singapore shirt printing experts is a great way to produce your designs, whether in smaller quantities or in large. Here is a look at some of the trends and ideas that are popular right now.

Using images of favourite characters or people

A popular option is using designs and images of a favourite movie character, comic or tv characters, bands, actors, cartoon characters, and so on. That is why you see a lot of promotional t-shirts at concerts where people want to buy memorabilia to support the band, remember the concert and show your preference to others when you wear it. The same can be applied to all kinds of garments, jerseys, caps, polos even jacket printing. Children love them and can play and pretend to be the character they are wearing, and adults can connect with strangers over their love of Lord of the Rings or Def Leopard!

Hollywood and everyone else enjoys them

It is not just us everyday people who love a great printed t-shirt! A lot of Hollywood stars wear them starting way back with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando who set a trend that remains strong today. Before then people saw the t-shirt as more of an item of underwear, not something people wore in public. Now though printed t-shirts are popular all around the world, for children and adults and for people from all parts of society. Now printed shirts come in all designs and colours and the method of printing continues to develop and improve, giving people who wear them even more options.

Sporting teams, businesses, organisations and clubs

Another place Singapore shirt printing is proving popular and very successful is with sporting teams, businesses for marketing and uniforms, charity organisations, and environmental groups. Fans can show their support for groups or sports teams with their logo or image on a shirt. Sit with like-minded fans and stand out to the players so they know they are supported. Some businesses will let their workers wear t-shirts like that during big sporting events like the Football World Cup.

Businesses are seeing how effective t-shirt and jacket printing can be for them as a way to market, advertise and reward loyalty. Staff can wear them to and from work and people might notice. You can hand them out at trade shows and other corporate-type events. Use them as prizes for social media marketing competitions and campaigns. There are a lot of ways the simple printed shirt can spread branding and make them money.

Charities can also enjoy seeing success using printed t-shirts. Advertising, asking for donations, raising awareness and so on. It is also a tool environmentalists use to inform the public of certain issues, some of which become very popular.

Bio – PrinteeSG was previously known as Tough Men Apparels. The company started off as a shirt printing company. The owners left their corporate lifestyle to pursue their dream of having affordable and quality sportswear available to the mass public. Starting out in 2014 as a home based business, PrinteeSG has expanded rapidly within the past years to become a leading company in terms of customised sportswear and affordable tshirt printing in Singapore.

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