Preventing Cycling Injuries

For a lot of cyclists riding a bike is relaxing and a great way to stay physically fit. They do it daily or at least a few times a week. Maybe it started as a way to lose weight or to get out of the house, or maybe the costs of fuel going up led them to ride a bike to work as a way to save money. There are a lot of bike riders on the roads these days, and then there are also those who like to race, enter competitions and head out to trails. But whatever the reasons for being out there on a bicycle there is a fact that riding a bike can cause aches and pains and even injuries. This is a look at how an online bike fit can help prevent some of those problems.

Frequent pain and discomfort is not normal

It is true that if you have an existing medical issue or injury then riding a bike might aggravate that. Apart from that, a lot of bike riders report experiencing problems with back pain and knee pain as the most common issues. A lot of adults focus on the gear they wear to protect themselves from injury in case they fall or are in an accident but then do not also take steps, like a virtual bike fit, to ensure the bike fits them properly. A lot of people get used to the discomfort thinking it is a part of cycling when it does not have to be. It is not as easy as just jumping on the first bike you like the look of and cycling off into the sunset. How you are positioned on the seat and a lot more impact how comfortable the ride is, and how you feel when you get off!

A bike fit is not just for competition riding

A bike fit, whether you choose to do it yourself, get one at the bike shop or get an online bike fit is not just for racers and athletes. While it will improve your times because cycling will feel better, it is not the only reason to get it done. With a proper bike fitting, you can make sure the right muscles and joints are used and nothing is forced or strained. As well as being able to stay on the bike longer if you want to, you face fewer aches and pains getting off, and fewer injuries caused when you are distracted by the pain or discomfort.

Virtual bike fits and other options

There are a few ways you can get a more expert bike fit, at a proper bike shop as mentioned, and there are some great places that offer a very good virtual bike fit. You might also consider educating yourself on the process and getting a good bike fitting kit. You can check your bike now and then before you head out and it will actually also help you learn about the different parts of your bike and how to handle some minor adjustments and repairs.

Bio –

Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching, Est. 2014, is owned and run by Matthew Bottrill.

Winner of multiple National Championships, holder of competition records and many more accolades to his name Matt has focused the last year on developing MBPC and beginning to coach some of the worlds top athletes on a range of stages.

As part of this Matt transitioned from the world of Time Trialling into Triathlon in 2017 and progressed to multiple Age group and Overall wins. This learning process, along with taking on board specialist Triathlon coaches, has enabled MBPC to transform the cycling within many athletes in Triathlon.

Now coaching some of the best Triathletes in the world, including the likes of Tim Don, Will Clarke, Rachel Joyce and Susie Cheetham, Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is taking the Tri market by storm.

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