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Patel Brothers, Inc. (doing business as Patel Brothers) is an Indian-American grocery store chain based in Hanover Park, Illinois. Patel Brothers is the largest Indian-American grocery store chain in the USA with 57 places in 19 states, mainly in New York and also New Jersey, because of its big Indian populace. Patel Brothers offers on the internet buying the adjoining United States through its site, which is satisfied by its Hanover Park area. The chain was founded by brothers Mafat and Tulsi Patel and also is run by Mafat’s children, Swetal as well as Rakesh Patel


Mafat resided in Bhandu, a tiny village in Gujarat, India, together with his brother, Tulsi before coming to Indiana College for an MBA in 1968. After completing his business level, he transferred to Chicago to work as a designer at Jefferson Electrical Co. Mafat located that Indian grocery stores were expensive as well as difficult to discover in Chicago, which inspired him to start a supermarket. The very first Patel Brothers store opened up on Devon Road in 1974, as well as was operated jointly by Mafat, Tulsi and his wife Aruna, the latter 2 of which had actually arrived from India to aid with the shop. As of 2017, Patel Brothers has actually become a $140 million chain of stores. On Devon Opportunity in Chicago, the street that the very first dining establishment was opened on, there are several shops that become part of the Patel Brothers chain: Air Tours Inc., a travel agency; Sahil, a clothes store suggested for Indian weddings (another location in Iselin, NJ); Patel Bros. Handicrafts and Utensils, which markets spiritual memorabilia as well as ornaments; as well as Patel’s Café, an eatery; as well as Mysore Woodlands, a dining establishment.

Patel Brothers preserves its hallmarks under PB Brand names LLC, that include Dakshin, an Indian dining establishment with locations in the Chicago residential areas of Schaumburg and also Naperville, Illinois

so run the Chicago warehouse in Skokie, Illinois. Mafat and also Tulsi Patel still have the original store in Chicago and different trademarks. Tulsi Patel’s little girl, Susan Patel owns Patel Bros. Inventions and Utensils in Chicago. Mafat’s sister’s sons Mahendra and Harshad run the two New york city warehouses in Queens. They have actually strongly developed the business in the East Shore. Mafat’s nephews Bharat and also Jayesh handle the stores in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas

Current areas 

After beginning in Chicago, Patel Brothers was a significant success with consumers coming from throughout the United States: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and also Kansas. The retail chain has spread out throughout the United States, primarily the Eastern United States. As of April 2018, the chain had 55 areas, 8 in New Jersey (notably along Oak Tree Road in Edison and also Iselin, which has three places), 6 in Texas, 4 in New York City, Florida, and also Illinois each, and the rest are spread throughout the eastern USA with only 2 areas in the western USA: one store in Santa Clara near San Jose, California, and also a 2nd in Chandler, Arizona, near Phoenix az. Patel Brothers are normally located in retail parks along with various other stores as well as dining establishments. The biggest store lies in Naperville, Illinois, that includes a restaurant called Patel’s Fresh Kitchen.  The Naperville and also Parlin, New Jacket are constructed using contemporary style.

The areas in Iselin, New Jacket east of the Garden State Parkway, Jacket City, New Jersey, North Brunswick, New Jacket and also Ridgeland, Mississippi run under the cash money and also bring concept. A number of Patel Brothers areas consisting of the McKinney, Texas; Naperville, Illinois; as well as Monroeville, Pennsylvania stores have green and yellow car rickshaws near the store to maintain India’s cultural identification in America. Some places go by names other than Patel Brothers: the Ridgeland, Mississippi shop operates under the name Patel Grocery and the Manchester, Connecticut store operates under the name Patel Foods. Patel Brothers is not connected with the gasoline station called Patel’s Grocery store in Homer, Georgia, Shah and Patel Indian Burmese grocery store in Rockville, Maryland, or Patel Foods Indo-Pak food store in Overland Park, Kansas. The reason that lots of Indian supermarket have similar names to Patel Brothers is that PB Brand Names, LLC just has trademarks for the names Patel Brothers, Patel’s, and also Patel’s Money as well as Carry There are Patel Brothers locations on Devon Avenue’s Desi Road in Chicago, Mahatma Gandhi District in Houston, India Square in Jersey City, New Jersey, and Patel Plaza (retail park rented by Patel Brothers) in Decatur, Georgia, where they lie in ethnic enclaves called Little India, next to many various other Indian restaurants and also stores.  Former places [edit] Previously in Canada, Patel Brothers utilized to run 3 stores in the Greater Toronto Area  in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and also Mississauga, which are currently operated by Canada-based Panchvati Grocery Store, and a store in Sugar Land in Greater Houston

Brand names and items

After Mafat as well as Tulsi Patel started their career as grocers they altered gears toward prepackaged ethnic foods. In 1991, they introduced a selection of genuine foods under the umbrella of Raja Foods LLC, which provides for 60% of Patel Brothers products. Raja Foods LLC operates under 7 brands, 3 of which are Patel Brothers initial brand names:

 SWAD (Finest Taste in Town)

Is an initial Patel Brothers brand name and also is the main brand name for Patel Brothers products. SWAD is the biggest selling Indian food brand in the U.S.A.. Swad (स्वाद) is a Hindi acceptation preference. The major products of the SWAD brand are ghee, oil, lentils, beans, nuts, and also flavors.

– Patel’s Commemorating India is likewise a Patel Brothers original brand.

Anarkali is likewise a Patel Brothers original

– Skokie, Illinois, the 60,000 square foot storage facility situated in the Chicago metropolitan area,  obtains foodstuff such as rice, flavors, as well as mango juices from all over the world including China, Australia, England, Spain, India, and Pakistan, which are then to dispersed to neighborhood providers such as Kmart, Whole Foods Market, Dominick’s in Chicago (previous), Michael’s Fresh Market in Naperville, Illinois (former), Indian ethnic stores, as well as numerous smaller sized carriers. The storehouse serves the Midwest as well as also has added office for Patel Brothers.

– Queens, New York (2 storehouses: Flushing and Maspeth), (the latter is a veggie storage facility) located in the New York metropolitan area, serves the Northeastern USA.

– Rock Mountain, Georgia located in the Atlanta city, serves the Southeastern USA.

– Houston, Texas, serves the Southwestern United States.

Patel Brothers sells South Eastern cuisine consisting of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi foodstuff. Their items include beverages, canned and also packaged goods, condiments, ghee and also oil, grains, health and wellness and also appeal products, instant mix, cooking area items, lentils and also beans, prepared to eat food, Indian treats, South Eastern sweets, spices, flavor blends, and also spiritual things.  Popular culture [modify] In December 2017, Patel Brothers co-founder Mafat Patel was featured in Zee TV’s Those Who Made It Season Finale.

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