Oversized and Runner Rugs—What to Know

Any rugs that are more than twenty feet in length or width are considered oversized rugs Sydney.  A runner rug is one that is long and narrow.  Size is not the only difference between these two types of rugs. 

Oversized Rugs

The size of this type of rug is the largest size you can purchase unless you want to use carpet.  It is a great type of rug to use for living rooms in an open concept floor plan.  When using this type of rug, it is best to put all of the furniture on top of it.  This will help to make the area feels cohesive visually.

If you use this size rug in the living room and decide to put it in the center of the room, make sure that you have at least two-three feet of circulation space all around the rug.  If you have a coffee table, you could put it in the center of the oversized rug with the furniture placed directly on top of the rug.  When using an oversized rug in the living area, there should be at least eighteen inches of bare floor around the edges for it to look right.

With a dining room, oversized rugs Sydney can make the room feel cohesive.  This type of rug will go well with traditional or elaborate dining sets.  If your dining set is made of solid wood that features classic elements or baroque would pair well with an oversized rug.  This type of rug should only be used in a dining room that has eight seats or more at the table.

Runner Rugs

When you use runner rugs Australia, they are usually found in staircases, hallways, and other long narrow interior spaces.  Most runner rugs are rectangular in shape, but you can find some that are ovaloid or other shapes.  They are designed in a variety of colors, designs, and materials.

One common material that is used for runner rugs is called olefin.  It is a synthetic material that has its own unique properties, which will produce a handy, soft result.  You can find them in single colors but most of them use multi-colored designs.  One common pattern for an entry hallway rug is the sunburst design.  The fan pattern is another common runner rugs Australia pattern. 

This type of rug has a variety of benefits for your narrow interior spaces.  They can help to protect your hardwood floors that could be damaged by excessive use or high traffic.  Make sure that they have the proper safety materials on the bottom to prevent them from slipping on the floor.  This is a necessary feature for these rugs to be safely used in the areas they are intended for.


A runner rug is a great option for those areas where carpet or larger rugs are not feasible.  With an oversize rug, they are often used to make the room look cohesive, especially in open floor plan areas. 

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