Need more Room? Hire a Builder for a home addition!

Have you recently welcomed a new addition to the family? Or have your children grown up beyond the point where they can share a room? If so, it may feel like the only solution is to move the family into a larger home to better accommodate the growth. But there are many reasons, in today’s modern world, why people want to avoid moving house. Property prices in Perth have increased by almost 15% in 2021, due to people returning home to WA amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While you might not be able to afford a big new house, you could instead look into an other solution to counteract your lack of space through home additions Perth.

Advantages to home additions

Here is a look at just a few of the advantages of getting a home extension.

  1. You gain whatever space you need! Another bedroom, a larger kitchen, a second bathroom, whatever it is you are lacking right now, with an extension or home addition, you can solve the problem.
  2. You save money. Second storey additions Perth may work out to be cheaper in the long run. Property transaction incur stamp duty and other fees. If you’ve got plenty of land to work with, perhaps a single-storey extension makes more sense than having a double-storey extension. Consider how you use rooms and do some re-working so that you can take full advantage of the change.
  3. You can use this opportunity to add value to your property. A conservatory extension adds more space and looks attractive from the curb. Furthermore, a conservatory may not need as many planning applications as other options.
  4. Love where you live? Stay put! By staying in the same home you are not leaving behind friends, family, pulling children out of schools they love and possibly interrupting your career goals.

What to keep in mind when adding an extension

Once you have decided to add an extension and you have a great company offering stylish and affordable home additions Perth, then there are some things to plan for and be ready for.

  1. The bigger the project the more it is going to impact your day-to-day life. Plan to have a temporary kitchen elsewhere, maybe even outside if you’re renovating during the warmer months, have access to a second bathroom, if you work from home, maybe get some soundproofing headphones!
  2. Make sure the proper planning permission is applied for and obtained before any work is started.
  3. The size of your extension depends on how much room there is to work with! Your renovator cannot build where there is no space to do so!


Whether you chose second storey additions Perth or a different type of extension, you can stay in the home you love and achieve more room. Home additions are affordable and you might be surprised by what a skilled builder can achieve for you. Just look for qualified professionals with experience and references.

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