Mythbusting four popular vaping myths: Know the truth

If you are planning to quit traditional smoking to take up vaping, chances are that you might have already heard some of the rumors doing the rounds. The fact is that the tobacco lobby happens to be one of the wealthiest lobbies in the world, and naturally, most of the current disinformation can be linked back to them, either directly or indirectly. And that’s why you need to check out the rest of this post, Just keep in mind that this is not a sponsored advert, and you can cross-check some of the rumors and facts listed here online as well.

#1. Vaping is detrimental to one’s health:

Nothing could be more false, and if you were to ask the person repeating this rumor to back it up with some cold facts, well, he would do a runner. The simple fact is that cigarette smoking continues to be one of the main causes of cancer and causes over 400,000 fatalities each year, either from cancer or other tobacco-induced health impairments. On the other hand, vaping is yet to cause even a single fatality and one that has certainly not been proven to date. Moreover, several studies have been conducted by various premium institutions from WebMD to Oxford, and they all concur that compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette brands such as Storz and Bickel, Puffco, and others are a whole lot safer. 

#2. Flavored vape juice is nothing but water:

Again, this is the prime case of one dumb rumor spawning another. Most of the vape juices that are retailed in the market today are industry-produced and under strict regulations. As such, all the vape juices are flavored and contain the requisite amount of tobacco, as listed on the label. And no one is trying to pass off the water as a vape juice, just so that they can make a quick buck. Granted that a few people may not have the ‘smarts’ but even they would know if they are inhaling water or flavored vape juice. It is, as they say, the sting is in the tail and that happens to be the case where vape juice is concerned. If you are that concerned about this particular rumor, well, there’s one simple way to settle it – just try it out for yourself.

#3. Vaping is banned in certain countries:

All that you would need to prove that the above statement is patently false is to check online. Even a simple google search should list out all the current news regarding vaping, and whether it is banned in any country. Moreover, it certainly is not banned in US, UK, and Australia. But what makes this rumor hilarious is the extent they would go, to ensure that vaping does not attain the same kind of popularity that traditional cigarettes enjoy.

#4. It is too bulky:

Granted that when e-cigarettes first hit the market, the device resembled more like a mini walkman. But those were the old days, since then, the model has undergone several changes to the degree where there are several types of e-cigarettes you can go for. You can opt for the simple pencil type or the e-mods, which are slightly bulkier but still quite easy to carry along with you. 

These are some of the common misconceptions and rumors regarding vaping. Most of these rumors are based on stories being spun by the tobacco industry and certainly not based on facts. And that’s why before you choose to purchase your first device, you may want to dig in and search out some of the facts regarding e-cigarettes online.

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By Michael Caine

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