Massage and Chiropractor Services Working Together

Each offers its own benefits, but they can work together to help create a treatment plan for many injuries or conditions.  If you are visiting a chiropractor Brick NJ, having a therapeutic massage first will warm up your muscles.  The massage will also help to relax your entire body, which will enable your chiropractor to maximize their chiropractic adjustments to give you optimal results.

When you have a massage in Brick, either before or after the chiropractic adjustment to increase mobility or help alleviate pain, the massage will help increase your body’s acceptance of the adjustment.  When you couple the chiropractic service with a massage, it will help take the efforts of the massage therapy further to also include your bones and joints.

Both a massage and chiropractic care will offer recovery and strong relief to certain areas of your body.  With massage, it will help to relieve toxins and tension and produce relaxation in the muscles.  The chiropractic care will then pick up at this point to extend the treatment efforts to the joints, tendons, bones, and nervous system.

When you combine massage and the services of a chiropractor Brick NJ, you get the following benefits.

  • Offers recovery time that is shorter—when both are combined, they build an all-encompassing regimen that works on the injury or condition from multiple points. When you tackle health issues this way, it will help to reduce the time it will take to heal along with regaining the full mobility of your body.
  • Gets in your head—when you are feeling dread, stressed, or worrying about health procedures in general, worrying about having a chiropractic treatment is no different. If you have a massage first, it can help you to relax and destress, to stop worrying about the upcoming chiropractic treatment.  When your body is relaxed, it will generally respond better to treatment.  There are many reasons you might be stressed about a chiropractic visit, especially if it is your first one.  One reason is you might feel it is going to hurt.
  • Can provide longer-lasting results—when your body is more relaxed, it is generally more open to treatment. Chiropractic services and a massage in Brick when combined help to attain the goal of recovery and healing along with the management or minimization of pain.  When combined with massage, chiropractic care is known to last longer and work deeper.  This is especially true when you have painful, chronic health issues.
  • Decreases discomfort—when you have a massage before your chiropractic care, it will help warm up your muscles and get them ready for a chiropractic adjustment. When your muscles are pliant, they will offer less resistance to the chiropractor’s regimen. 


Separately, massage and chiropractic care will help benefit medical conditions and injuries.  When you combine the two, it can give you significant, longer-lasting results.  Together they offer positive benefits so when considering chiropractic care, find out of they offer massage therapy also so you can experience the benefits of both for a longer time.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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By Cary Grant

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