List of Top 10 Sports Motivational Speakers

Motivation is the desire to do something on your own, whether it’s following your dream, going to the gym, completing your homework or any such thing. People need motivation in their lives now and then. They can feel inspired and encouraged through the quotations and speeches of a motivational speaker or via TED talks or just by listening to inspirational music.

Everyone has their own unique and different approach to getting inspired and motivated. The people who are interested in pursuing sports as their careers, watch inspirational videos and webinars of their mentors like if someone is interested in playing cricket then what better way to start their career with some amazing inspirational videos from Rahul Dravid.

Let’s have a look at some of the best sports motivational speakers

  1. Abhilash Tomy– A retired Indian Naval Officer, a yachtsman and one of the best motivational sports speakers. He shares his never-ending adventurous stories and journeys that he has been a part of. An amazing storyteller and an inspiration for millions of people. He has lived his life to the fullest with all adventure, excitement and experience.
  2. Prakash Padukone- A former badminton player, he was the World no.1 in 1980. With an impeccable record, his life and badminton journey have been a great inspiration for people who are interested in playing badminton. After retirement, he dedicated his time to the young and budding badminton players, guiding and assisting them so that they can have a future in this game.
  3. Sania Mirza- A well-known Indian badminton player, she is famous for her powerful forehand groundstrokes. Her journey and life choices have always inspired people from all walks of life. She never lost hope in herself after so many failures, she was ranked as India’s highest badminton player.
  4. PV Sindhu- A professional badminton player and the first Indian female to win an Olympic silver medal, she is a very dedicated and committed sportsperson. She broke many world records and is now concentrating on her practice full-time. But whenever she gets time, she interacts and communicates with people at seminars, orientations and various communities.
  5. Yuvraj Singh- His impeccable and unblemished cricket record, he is one of the world’s best batsmen. His story has inspired many people who were suffering from cancer. He has redefined cricket and life in so many ways, always trying to put his career above all even his struggles. One of the most amazing motivational sports speakers, he has helped many cancer patients cope up with depression and anxiety.
  6. Vijay Amritraj- His many accomplishments include being the number 1 Asian player, Vijay Amritraj is a retired tennis player and a motivational speaker. He speaks about winning in life, dreams and following one passion at many conferences, communities, seminars and discussions.
  7. Abhinav Bindra- A world and Olympic champion shooter, Abhinav Bindra’s dedication and hard work are astonishing. He is the first Indian to create both World and Olympics records at the same time. He never gave up on his dream, he scripted his own story and spoke about his journey and struggles at various conferences.
  8. Sunil Chhetri- An Indian football player, he has equaled his records to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and has many world records of his own. He believes in setting the trend, rather than following it. He is one of the best motivational sports speakers who try to bring positivity in every situation and follows his instincts.
  9. Sourav Ganguly-  Popularly known as the God of the Off Side, Sourav Ganguly has an exemplary record in cricket. Now retired he participates in many conferences and talk shows where he discusses the struggles related to this game. He believes that honesty and integrity are the strengths to win over the world.
  10. Narain Karthikeyan- He followed his dream and passion and became one of the best Formula-1 car racers. Narain Karthikeyan speaks about his dedication, devotion, and focused will to place India on the map of motorsports.

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