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Over three-quarters of Australians experience back problems at some stage in their life. There are numerous causes and reasons such as injuring a ligament, damaged muscles, disc issues, trapped nerves and more. Whatever the cause, back pain can range from mild and something you can live with, all the way to debilitating and negatively impacting your way of life. A sore back might mean that you can’t get your shoes on, or tie your laces, you may even struggle to stand and cook a basic meal. As a result, every movement causes pain. When you are struggling with back pain, it is a good idea to talk to a back pain specialist Perth.

Who to talk to as well as your GP

It makes sense to first approach your GP, they can assess the problem and talk to you about which kind of specialist or back pain treatment Perth you need. They may suggest a massage therapist or a Chiropractor. If you just have a stiffness issue, or a spinal misalignment as diagnosed by a Chiro, then physical adjustments and manipulation can help you. These techniques can help ease the pain, reduce inflammation, and improve your range of movement and function.

Different specialists work in different areas and use different techniques. Where a Chiropractor focuses on realignment in the spine, an expert in Osteopathy is going to work on the spinal area and soft tissue as well. Choosing the right professional for your needs can help address the root cause of your ailments and help prevent the pain from reoccurring. A back pain specialist Perth will help you get better throughout several treatments usually. While you can often feel some difference after just one visit, it is often suggested you come back for 6 to 12 sessions to get the full effect.

You do not have to suffer in silence

You do not have to live with pain or continue taking over the counter pain killers to get through each day. When you are looking for longer-lasting back pain treatment Perth it is a good idea to choose a specialist, get to the root cause of your ailment, and keep up with the your Chiropractic sessions. Your Chiro expert will recommend exercises to do at home to help speed up the recovery time.


While sometimes back pain can improve on its own, it most often gets worse and starts to impact your life. A sad statistic is that 80% of people that experience back pain do experience recurring symptoms. You are doing right by yourself if you look for a professional who can help you. Remember, if one Chiropractor doesn’t fix your ailments, there are many other Chiro experts willing to help you!

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