Know about the 12 Houses of Astrology

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There are 12 Houses in astrology, all arranged in a wheel. These houses are not the same as what we more generally refer to as the zodiac wheel, which may at first be perplexing. Instead, these two astrological circles are fairly distinct.

What are the 12 Astrological Houses?

One of astrology’s 12 houses corresponds to each element that makes up a person’s life. The live astrology in which the planets and zodiac signs fall in your natal chart is the area of life that the planets and signs most strongly represent. To be clear, neither do the houses provide color to the outflow of energies like the zodiac signs do nor are they quite energies like the planets or the signs of the zodiac. These energies are instead intended to materialize within the homes. Homes are just parts of life; they don’t stand in for it.

The Astrological Houses’ 12 Houses in Order

If you look closely, you’ll see that the astrological houses are arranged in a way that mirrors the formative stages of a person’s life, starting with the primal urge to be an individual, moving on to the realization of what is mine and yours and how to use what one claims, learning how to talk to astrologerwithin the limits of our capacities and so on. We will discuss each of these 12 houses here. 

The House of Self is the first House in astrology.

The first House of astrology stands for first impressions, including how people see us, how we present ourselves, and how we dress. It encompasses not only how we see ourselves but also how others see us. The first House governs everything about your sense of self, including how you start things and take the initiative.

The House of Value is the second House in astrology.

The second House deals with everything related to your material and bodily well-being, including taste, odors, sound, contact, and sights. The Second House is also in charge of one’s material resources, including money and values.

The House of Communication is the third House in astrology.

All forms of correspondence, including conversing, analyzing, communication techniques, technology, and devices, are governed by the third House (mobile phones, letters, email, and so forth). The Third House also deals with the local area’s surrounding travel, early education, schools, teachers, and communication problems.

The House of Home is the fourth House in astrology.

The Fourth House, which regulates your foundation, is located at the bottom of the zodiac wheel. Your home, safety, vital security, parents, siblings, unique mothering abilities, nurturing, and care are all included in this House.

The House of Pleasure is the fifth House in astrology.

The dramatic Leo zodiac sign rules the fifth House, responsible for self-expression, creativity, imagination, amusement, hobbies, enjoyment, and play.

The House of Health is the sixth House in astrology.

The Sixth House deals with our physical well-being and work out of necessity. It governs strategies, routines, schedules, well-being, dietary habits, physical activity, assistance to others, and support.

Relationships are the focus of astrology’s seventh House.

The astrological 7th House governs our interactions with other people. It regulates all business and personal partnerships and all matters about them, such as contracts, unions, and business transactions.

Astrology’s 8th House is known as the House of Sex and Death.

The 8th House is a house that governs the occult, sex, change, and both life and death. The eighth House also governs other people’s assets and holdings, including inheritance.

The House of Spirituality is the ninth House in astrology.

The Ninth House concerns the higher self, personal growth, international travel, inspiration, optimism, expansion, spiritual issues, religion, higher learning institutions, good fortune, ethics, and morals.

The House of Ambition is the 10th House in astrology.

The most void area of the natal chart is where the 10th House is located. live astrologytenth House governs institutions, groups, customs, notoriety, respect, success, awards, boundaries, regulations, instruction, dads, and parenthood. The midheaven, also known as the cusp or edges of the tenth House, offers clues about your career and purpose.

The House of Friendship is the 11th House in astrology.

The 11th House governs associations, social gatherings, media (visual and electronic), organizations, social influence, disobedience, and charitable endeavors. Additionally, it deals with ingenuity, whimsy, unexpected occurrences, shocks, invention, cosmology, and everything contemporary.

The House of Secrets is the 12th House in astrology.

The 12th and last House, which governs endings, brings the zodiac close. This House deals with the project’s latter stages, handling potential problems, fulfillment, the afterlife, maturity, and transcendence. It also has ties to foundations, social secrets, healing powers, secretive schemes, and unseen foes. Additionally, it controls intuition and creativity.

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