Key Features of Distributor Management System & Sales Promoter

Some of the key features you can expect from an efficient distributor management system are market intelligence for cross-check at regular intervals, market trend analysis for the year ahead, proactive sales forecasting to keep the pipeline full, company sales records to check merchandise flowing through the distribution channels, etc.The distributor and consumer management system helps to ensure your business is delivering the products to the right people at the right time. This seamless integration with distributors minimizes inventory risk, improves cash flow and reduces over-ordering. No matter how sophisticated your inventory planning software or data, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings between you and your distributors. Without them, nobody knows who has what in stock, when it will arrive, or where it’s going, which can lead to costly over-ordering and later refunds.

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Our Intuitive, easy to use distributor management system will provide you with the information you need to operate your sales force. This powerful system enables sales people and buyers to access the vast amount of contact information in the sales and distribution systems of major Indian FMCG companies. With one click interface, our system allows you to check contact details, call detail records (CDRs), as well as document mapping, instantly. It also comes complete with an outstanding integration tool for easy parallel importation and management.

A comprehensive distributor and consumer management system is the key to a successful FMCG business. With an FMCG, you must be aware and create forecasts so that manufacturers can plan production and supply of their products at optimum times. The systems must be in place to allow wholesalers and retailers to track sales and stock levels on the inventory control system. Post sale analysis should also be feasible with regular stock levels monitored daily. 

The Sales Promoter is trained in her own company’s products, and will often try to influence customers in the store by demonstrating the features and benefits of her products, and by favorably comparing is to competitors. A Sales Promoter can speak to the sales people in a store and explain what difference your product makes. She can even assist with product display questions as well as how to carry out a proper demonstration.

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Do you enjoy working, but hate long hours that eat into your personal time? Our Sales Promoter is trained in her own company’s products, and will often try to influence customers in the store by demonstrating the features and benefits of her products, and by favorably comparing it  to competitors. The sales promoter is an extension of the marketing and sales teams, providing valuable brand recognition for the product or service.A Sales Promoter is a brand’s sales representative at a retail store. The role entails working with customers, besides product knowledge and exceptional customer service skills, the main emphasis of this job can be on company product promotion.

Our Sales Promoter is a trained in-store sales representative representing your brand. She’s knowledgeable about your company’s product range and specializes in demonstrating its unique features and benefits. Your Sales Promoter will often assist customers with the products they are interested in, and will arrange to have them try sample products during their visit. Her friendly demeanor, positive attitude and knowledge of your brand will help win you more loyal customers and develop stronger sales per reception.

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