Kaila Devi Temple Karauli Rajasthan – History of Kaila Devi

Maa Kaila Devi Dham Karauli Rajasthan is a famous pilgrimage place of Hindus. The devotees have immense reverence for the Kaila Devi temple here. People believe that every wish is fulfilled in the court of the mother. This place is considered among the Shaktipeeths. A fair is also held here once a year in the month of Chaitra. A large number of devotees visit the Kaila Devi fair. In this article, we will know in detail about the history of Kaila Devi, the story of Maa Kaila Devi, the philosophy of Kaila Devi Temple as well as how Kaila Devi originated.

Story of Maa Kaila Devi – Story of Kaila Devi Mata

It is about the time of Emperor Akbar. Despite many efforts, Emperor Akbar could not capture Daulatabad. Every time he attacked and every time he failed. Emperor Akbar was disappointed. The opinion of astrologers was also taken in this matter, there was a lot of contemplation among the ministers, they agreed that victory over the South could not be done without the help of the Yaduvanshi Rajputs.

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Yaduvanshi king Chandrasen ruled on the Urgir mountain on the south side of Chambal. Akbar himself reached there. Raja Chandrasen received a splendid hospitality. When Akbar presented his plan to the king, he readily agreed to help. And handed over his son Gopaldas to Akbar along with the Yaduvanshi army. It was night while Gopaldas was walking. The army made a halt in a dense forest on the bank of a pond. The crown prince was planning the war lying down. That they heard the sound of conch shell, etc., people were singing hymns loudly. Yuvraj walked towards that side, reaching there and saw that some people were singing hymns of Kaila Devi loudly in front of the idol of the goddess. The chief priest was Kedagiri Goswami. The hymn ended, people started begging for their own wishes to be successful. Yuvraj also sought the request of Dakshin Vijay.

The goddess actually accepted the prayer of the crown prince. When the Yaduvanshi army returned from Daulatabad, the flag of victory was flying in its hands. Emperor Akbar was very happy and not only gave the title of Panch Hazari Mansabdar to Yuvraj Gopaldas but also spared several kilometers of Chambal area.

Till now, only a small number of villagers believed that the goddess was miraculous. Now Yuvraj also started doing it and from that day till today, the Karauli king has been worshiping Kaila Devi as his Kuldevi. The deity whom the king used to worship. The people also had their faith in the same deity. The people used to feel proud in this. Therefore, the fame of Kailadevi started increasing day by day and people from far and wide started coming for darshan.

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About two hundred years later, in the year 1785, the goddess showed a miracle to the king of Karauli. At that time Maharaja Gopal Singh ruled. A rebellion broke out against him across Chambal. The king himself had to go to suppress him. He stood in front of the goddess and said – Mother, you are the vijashree of our clan, stay with me in the battlefield. And when Maharaja Gopal Singh returned, he returned playing the danka of victory. After returning from the war, he laid the foundation of the new building of the goddess. Dharamshalas were constructed for the convenience of the travelers. Since then every king of Karauli has been decorating the temple of Kaila Devi and the surrounding area.

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