It’s Important To Look After Your Hot Water System

Most buildings nowadays, whether commercial or residential, have some form of water heating system. Hot water is used for hand washing, showers, washing clothes, running the dishwasher and so on. Having access hot water is now viewed as a necessity, not a luxury. Over time a hot water system can wear down, parts can break, oxidation can set in, and the overall performance of the heater can be negatively affected. You might turn on the shower and find it stays cold, or your storage system runs out of hot water too quickly. That is when you, or the your property manager needs to call in expert plumbing contractors Perth. Here is a look at how to spot if there is something wrong with your hot water system, so you can get it fixed.

Listen for unusual sounds in the system

If you hear popping, rumbling kind of noises this might be because too much sediment has collected in the tank. When there is sediment, it makes it harder for the heater to successfully heat the water. Do not ignore those kinds of noises, get in touch with professional plumbers Perth.

Pay attention to signs of leaks or discoloured water

If you see any kind of leak occurring, or water pooling around the water heater, these are a call to action. Loose connections, a faulty valve, or incorrect pressure might be the root cause of the issue, or even corrosion in the water tank. If there is discolouration, such as a rusty colour or general cloudiness, then again that could be sediment or rust causing the issue.

Is your water heater older than a decade?

An older water heater does not necessarily mean you need a replacement, but parts do tend to start failing in older machines. Sediment builds up even when you have plumbing contractors Perth coming to maintain your hot water system regularly. Sediment eats away at parts and the tank itself, causing corrosion and resultant leaks. When you choose to upgrade your hot water system, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a heater better suited to your family’s hot water needs. It’d also a chance to upgrade to a higher quality system that features better energy efficiency. Ultimately, you can save a lot of money in the long term. After doing some research and talking to the experts, you may find that moving to a tankless heater is 24 to 36 percent more efficient and also has a longer life span.

Not enough hot water

The sediment that builds up can lead to issues with not having enough hot water. The heater needs more energy to heat the water because the heating elements have sediment on them. This means it takes longer to heat the water in the storage tank, and the result is that there is never enough for washing up, or taking a shower. Call in your professional plumbers Perth if you are having issues with not being able to get the hot water supply that you need.

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