Is It Worth Buying the Samsung Galaxy A51 in Tunisia?

Samsung Galaxy Series is famously known to be one of the influential series of Samsung. Due to their efficient way of communication and delivering new features in the market, Samsung’s name has remained top on the global list with the most smartphones selling brand in the world. Due to its commitment to delivering innovation and diversity in smartphones, Samsung has created substantial brand equity with its users. They don’t want to replace their brand with other brands like iPhone, Huawei, and other big Smartphone brands.

Samsung has contributed tremendously to their Galaxy A Series in terms of technical features, Display Resolutions, Cameras, battery timings, connectivity, processor, and look of the phone. In all aspects, the Samsung Galaxy series is above other smartphone brands and is still on a route to take the technology to the next level by implementing it with smartphones features. Samsung galaxy A51 is also Samsung’s next innovation and addition in technology in the smartphones industry.


Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with an astonishing rear camera resolution and front too. Additionally, Samsung’s A51’s quad-core processor is found in all variants. There is a wide selection for storage too for Samsung users. And it is the most critical factor to cover all consumer segments belonging to specific storage selection criteria. Its gorilla glass looks with a plastic frame and plastic back make Samsung Galaxy A51 more elegant and graceful. Samsung Galaxy A51 weighs around 170 G and 6.07 OZ. That means it’s a lightweight smartphone to use, and you can explore its camera in any direction for your purpose. Samsung Galaxy A51 battery is about 4000 mAh with fast charging and extended battery timing.


Samsung Galaxy A51’s rear camera is about 48 Megapixels, and its selfie camera is 32 Megapixels. However, the price is also different for both variants, but this is one of the significant differences of the camera when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy A51. Both cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A51 have a 4k display with high resolution. Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with four cameras at the back. The depth camera, ultrawide camera, main camera, and macro camera. Its depth camera is about 5 Megapixels; the Ultrawide camera is 12 Megapixels, the primary camera is about 48 megapixels, and the macro camera is about 5 megapixels. Samsung always focuses on the visibility of their camera, and that’s why Samsung Galaxy A51 is above average when compared to other smartphones in terms of camera.

This is the considerable difference in selfie cameras between Samsung Galaxy A32 and Samsung Galaxy A51. The camera graphics can be seen in the latest advertisement of the Samsung Galaxy A51, and they are at the peak of becoming a reality that you are watching on your Samsung Galaxy A51. Samsung’s policy of introducing new variants is to add more features with innovation compared to the previous variants. Because when you are offering new features in every aspect with your smartphones, your audience expects more features to be added in the latest variant of the Samsung smartphone. Its live focus option is an extraordinary addition to the smartphone, and users can capture live images or create live videos while focusing on the objectives.


Samsung Galaxy A51 comes in 5 variants in terms of storage and ram. Samsung Galaxy A51’s two variants of 4 GB ram are about 64 GB and 128 GB. At the same time, its 6 GB ram variant has storage of about 128 Gb. And its last two variants of 8 Gb ram come in 128 GB and 256 GB. So there is a huge selection process for the consumer about their selection of the storage and ram because Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with three options of ram for its users.

Memory is the primary concern of every smartphone user, and it entirely depends on the use of specific users. So that’s the reason Samsung comes with a range of options for the users in terms of memory aad as well as in terms of other options too. Because if you want to cover all the audience insights and audience classifications, then the chances are higher of the promotion of the smartphone.

Display and Compatibility:

Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with a Super AMOLED display and 6.5 inches screen. It means that the display of this smartphone with its multi-camera at the back is unimaginable. Because Samsung 51’s processor is octa-core with 4×2.3 GHz, it means that the processing speed of this smartphone will be at your fingertips. Samsung Galaxy A51 can support the latest android system 11. You can get all the latest features of android 11 in widgets and built-in apps on your Samsung Galaxy A51.


The Bixby addition of the Samsung Galaxy A51 can adapt your routine, movements, and lifestyle. With that adaptation, Samsung plays music with your movement of getting into the car; you can customize your whole routine for this gesture by Samsung. The dark mode will automatically get enabled according to your routine. You can find all the restaurants in your area through the camera scanning of Bixby. The most crucial factor is that you like some material in the sense of Furniture, art, aesthetics, or other items. All you have to do is scan it, and you can buy it from anywhere while relating it to the previous one with Bixby.

Samsung A51 price in Tunisia:

Samsung Galaxy A51 has all the technical features in it, and the addition to this model is the camera performance. Because four cameras at the back make Samsung Galaxy A51 different from other smartphones of current times. The storage options for the users are remarkable because of the wide range of selection for smartphone users.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A51 starts from 999 TND in Tunisia. You can also get your Samsung Galaxy A51 from the Mega TN store.

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