Increase your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

Instagram is among the world’s most used social media site, boasting more than 1 billion users each month.

Every social media and digital marketers understand that, from all of the social media platforms on which you can increase your sales, Instagram has the largest number of users. To attract this audience by sharing their content, your website must be listed on the pages that your intended viewers suggest. The best method to accomplish this is to make use of the right Instagram hashtags. Before we get into hashtags, an alternative way to increase your engagement is by purchasing it from a reputable company, such as There, you can buy Instagram followers.

What is the meaning of Instagram hashtags?

“Hashtag” refers to a word consisting of letters, numbers, or emojis that follows a # symbol—for instance, hashtags like #instagood. Hashtags function similar to Instagram the way keywords work for Google. The hashtag can be used to find posts on the subject. For instance, if you would like to find posts that relate to nature, look up #nature then the system will display all the posts with the hashtag.

They can be used to classify content, display it to viewers who are regularly engaged with that kind of information, and improve the reach of the posts, including videos, images, and reels. Posts with at minimum one hashtag are likely to have 12.6 percent more engagement than a post without hashtags.

The types of Instagram hashtags

Although you can transform any phrase or word into hashtags, it’s crucial to select hashtags that have at a minimum a medium-sized reach (about around 20,000). These are hashtags that have been utilized in posts and have seen a decent amount of interactions from users. They usually fall into one of the categories below:• Hashtags for brands They are specific to specific brands. It may refer to the company’s name, or its slogan or tagline.• Hashtags based on services or products are generally words that describe the service or product offered. For example, #runningshoes, or #interiordesign.• Tags for the day These are the tags you’d employ to describe an ordinary moment. For example, #MondayBlues, or #FridayChill.• location hashtags They define a geographic area or an event taking place in a specific location. For instance, #LondonEats or #TexasNights.• The seasons’ hashtags refer to the seasons, festivals, or occasions and are dependent on time—for example, #Halloween or #SweaterWeather.• Keywords specific to your niche are used to identify the industry that you’re in and restrict it to your area of expertise within the industry. For example, #wildlifephotographer or #foodblogger.

Utilizing the appropriate hashtags

Many believe that using as many hashtags as you can imagine is the best method. This isn’t accurate. The use of under 30 hashtags would be the best option unless you wish to be the Instagram’s famous “radar.” If you are using more than 30 hashtags, your post may be flagged, deleted reported, or, even more importantly, your account might be banned. The use of around twenty hashtags can be a great strategy.

Within these 20 hashtags, you must have an assortment of high volume and moderate volume hashtags. If you are only using the most popular hashtags, your post might not get much attention. Because many people are already using these hashtags, like #love, your article won’t be seen in other posts with the hashtag. Using hashtags with a medium reach of at least 20,000 ensures that your content will be seen by the people you want to reach. It’s also broad enough to display on feeds for new users.


The use of the right hashtags can allow you to grow your Instagram followers organically, helping reach those seeking the services or products you provide.

While hashtags are a great way to gain followers naturally, you can increase your followers much more quickly and easily by choosing to buy them, or even get free Instagram followers and likes. Join a free or paid plan through TurboMedia to increase the number of followers you have and increase engagement with your audience!

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