In an Exam Room with a Physiotherapist

When you head to see a physio Subiaco or a location closer to you, they will need to ask a number of questions and look at the problem you have come in with. They have a checklist to go through and different tests to perform. With your history, an idea of your pain and that serious medical issues are excluded, they can come up with a treatment schedule. You can expect to undress to some degree so they can see the area and the joints around it and watch your body as they ask you to move. Here is a bit more on what to expect in the exam room. Sometimes knowing what is happening can help make new things less intimidating.

Checking posture

The physio West Perth will likely ask you to stand still while they take a look at your posture. A lot of Aussies nowadays have periods where they spend a long time in a static position, usually at their desks. There are particular issues that can develop related to different posture types. They will look for anything abnormal and make a note of it and then test certain muscles and joints looking at the shortness of range or weakness. It is common to have some pain from postural problems but the good news is it is possible to correct this, but it does take some time and you have to stick with the schedule they give you.

Checking pain

In the exam room your physio Subiaco will also check where the pain is and what your level of pain is. They will ask you to make a series of movements and ask you whether that your pain eases or not, or perhaps has no effect at all. Some issues will hurt more when the area is stretched and some when the area is compressed so this gives your physio a better idea of the problem.

Manual exams

When you have done the movements and answered some questions often the next portion of the exam is when the physio carries out manual exams. This comprises of things like compressing particular joints, moving certain limbs and looking at the pain and range of movement you have as they do these things. Palpating different vertebral levels in the spine and of particular joints happens in stressed and neutral positions to narrow down the single structure or group of structures that are causing the pain. The physio will always have careful regard for your pain level throughout the exam. When this is complete, they may have more detailed tests performed to confirm their diagnosis or they may move on.


When your physio West Perth or where you go has done the exam and has your history too, they can make a diagnosis of your problem. They will then come up with a plan of treatment that involves visits and things to do at home to help you improve your pain level and hopefully see a full recovery.

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