How can you buy abortion pills?

Christine and her husband had only bought the navigation system to get to the doctor at Abortion Pills Available In Dubai. About 90 kilometers, more country roads than autobahns, one and a half hours there and one and a half back. When they found their way and the pregnancy was terminated, they could no longer see the navigation system – and immediately sold it again.

Christine was 36 at the time, already had two children, but could not and did not want to have another. That Christine initially found no information anywhere, not on the Internet and not even from her doctor at Abortion Pills Available In Dubai; that she had to drive the 90 kilometers several times for counseling and abortion because there was no one else around; that she didn’t feel well advised there, but stayed because she believed no one else would help her – for free, as long as it was gone.

According to the Federal Statistical

Office , the number of doctors who perform abortions in Abortion Pills Available In Dubai has fallen by 40 percent over the past 15 years . The number of abortions fell by only 21 percent in the same period – from 128,030 in 2003 to 100,986 in 2018 . This development is therefore not a matter of a simple supply-demand mechanism, but of a widening supply gap. This is a problem because more and more women have to travel longer distances to get an abortion.

“In such a situation you have enough other problems”

At the moment there is once again a lot of talk in Germany about the legal regulation of abortion. This particularly concerns paragraph 219a and the so-called ban  on advertising for abortions. Those who have called for its abolition say it hinders the right to information. Proponents say it protects unborn life. The discussion about the paragraph is very important, but it also misses the actual problem: What use is the information that an abortion can only be carried out in a clinic Abortion Pills Available In Dubai two hours away if it is not possible for a woman or only with great effort, in the first place to get there? 

For Christine, the long way meant an additional burden: “In a situation like this you have enough other problems to worry about how to get there and back again – preferably without anyone noticing.” To date, Christine and her husband have not told their family about the demolition. “I consciously felt left alone, as if nobody wanted to help me at all,” says Christine, “there is always a reproachful ‘You don’t do that either’. That really got me down. ” 

Marie also speaks of a “situation

in which you have completely different things on your mind”, but she didn’t really care about the route to the practice in Passau: “For me, having to drive a bit for the demolition was the lesser evil” , she says, “It was just important to me to finally get help and that it was over.” Marie decided on a scraping – a surgical procedure in which the lining of the uterus is removed. She tells of twelve other women who were in the practice for an abortion at the same time as her: “I waited there and saw the whole time how one after the other was driven into the operating room and fifteen minutes later came out asleep.” At the same time it all seemed very normal and routine – that made it even more absurd.

The doctor is actually retired. However, he continues to operate because he is the only one in all of Lower Bavaria who unintentionally helps pregnant women

More and more doctors who have previously performed abortions at Get abortion pills in Dubai are giving up their practices, for example because they are retiring. At the same time, there are hardly any younger ones who could maintain the supply. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that abortions are often not part of medical training and, on the other hand, because doctors who perform abortions are increasingly being pressured or even threatened by anti-abortionists – so-called “life protectors”. It is not uncommon for the few who still practice to break off pregnancies by piece. The doctor that Marie was with is actually already retired. However, he continues to operate because he is now the only one in all of Lower Bavaria who is still unwilling to help pregnant women.

“The awareness that abortion is an achievement is disappearing more and more”

There are no official bodies that, for example, organize trips or assist women with this problem. Usually it is friends or relatives who accompany the women, but that is not a matter of course either. 

The fact that there are numerous gynecological practices and clinics with gynecological departments in Augsburg with a population of more than 280,000 that could theoretically also carry out abortions seems like malice – or like omission. Hardly any other medical intervention is as controversial as abortion. Every doctor can decide for himself whether he or she will have abortions or not. 

There will always be women who want to end a pregnancy. It would therefore be safer for those affected to guarantee them access to a safe procedure and good medical care within the framework of the legal regulations. This can only happen if abortions become part of basic gynecological care Get abortion pills in Dubai. “This whole problem makes it clear that women-friendly care for abortions is still not a matter of course and that the awareness that abortions are an achievement is disappearing more and more,” says Marianne Weir. 

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