How to Troubleshoot HP Printer not Printing Black Page Issue

HP Printer is best known for speed and print quality. These printers provide excellent printouts with fine color quality. The installation process of HP printers is simple and easy to configure. Once you configure the HP Printer with your device; you can start taking the printouts. But few users get HP Printer not Printing Errors while using HP Printer.

Reasons Behind HP Printer not Printing Issue:

  1. Empty cartridges on the printer
  2. Poor quality ink
  3. HP printer driver is not working
  4. You have installed the cartridge in the wrong slot
  5. The cartridge is not installed correctly
  6. Printhead or fuser is damaged
  7. Ink gets dried up inside the cartridge
  8. The printer is unable to fetch the ink

Resolving HP Printer not Printing issue:

Restart the HP Printer

When the HP printer is not printing the black page then restart it. Your printer can show errors due to services. You can restart the HP printer and fix those services. For the power restart; remove the cable when the printer is ON. Now when the user reconnects the cable; the HP printer will be restarted with all the services. Now send a print job and check the printer whether the HP Printer not Printing black or not.

Check the Ink Level

The printer will show color issues when the cartridge is empty. Go to the printer and inspect the ink level. If there is no ink then get a new HP cartridge for the system. Remove the empty cartridge and install the new one. Don’t buy any clone cartridges for the printer. The print quality is very low in clone cartridges and they may also damage the printer. Third-party cartridges won’t fit on the printer correctly.

If the original ink cartridge seems costly then go for the refills. Uninstall the original cartridges and refill the ink. Always purchase high-quality ink to refill the cartridges. Now refill the ink and install the refilled cartridges. Go to the PC and send a new print job. Check the printout for results.

Inspect HP Printer Driver

If the HP Printer not Responding to your computer then check its driver. Without the correct driver, your printer won’t read commands and respond to any device. Open PC and check for the installed HP software. Check the model number to ensure that you have installed the correct HP driver. If not, uninstall that HP software from your system and open the HP website.

Download the setup for your printer model and now check the error. In case, your HP software is outdated then install a new update. When the driver files get corrupted; try to repair them. You can directly reinstall a new driver on the system. Uninstall the corrupted HP software and install a new setup. Your printer will start working after finding the correct files.

Reinstall the Cartridges

When an ink error is appearing after installing a new cartridge then check the issues. The user may have installed the cartridges wrongly on the printer. Go to the HP printer and eject the cartridge. Check the pins for any damage and remove the yellow tape. People often forget to remove the protective tape before installing it. After checking, reinsert the cartridge and now check for the HP Printer not Printing color issues.

Check the Ink Slots

If the printer is not printing black; inspect its slot. That cartridge may not be installed correctly. The user may have installed that cartridge in the wrong slot. Go to the HP printer and lift the scanner tray. Now check the cartridge and install it on the correct slot. Restart the HP printer and then check for the color. If the printer is still not printing black then ask for help.

Check for Refilled Cartridges

Few users reported that printers are showing ink issues when they install refilled cartridges. Many times the printer can’t read refilled cartridges. When the user installs a refilled cartridge; the slot still shows 0 status. To fix HP Printer not Printing, you can try reinstalling all cartridges. Go to cartridges and remove all of them. Start installing one by one along with the refilled cartridge and now the printer will read the cartridge and start printing correctly.

Check the Printhead and Fuser

The user faces a printing error when the printhead gets clogged. Clean the printhead regularly to prevent errors. The dried ink clogs the printhead of the HP printer. You can try using the cleaning utility for removing the dried ink from the printhead. The printer fuser or head can get damaged due to overheating. Replace the fuser on your HP printer and now take the printouts. 

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