How Video KYC Helps in Hiring: Identity Verification

For our C-suite Executive Screening Services, we focus on the leadership qualities of senior executives of leading PSUs in India. This is a critical factor to unlock key talent and talent stealers, which makes it imperative that you hire the right candidates for the C-suite positions. We provide several personal questionnaires, technical competency based tests, in-depth assessment of business cases, as well as personal interviews. You can then choose the best candidate for your organization.

You can’t be an effective leader without hiring leaders. The right leaders are the key to setting the right culture and achieving great results. A chief executive officer, or C-suite executive, is responsible for establishing and implementing the organization’s vision, business strategy, and operations strategy across several departments. Your board of directors will increasingly rely on your leadership skills as a C-suite executive to lead all departments of the organization such as finance, HR, sales and marketing etc.

The job of the C Suite executive is to help establish, uphold and deepen the company’s culture. One needs to be young and innovative; gregarious yet courteous; courageous, self-confident and at the same time patient for leading an organization where there is constant change. In this rapidly changing world, one needs to have a clear vision of what the organization is all about, which is what determines its direction. 

India’s infrastructure is among the most vulnerable in the world, as documented by a World Economic Forum report released in June. According to the report, India has 32 of the bottom 50 countries on the global infrastructure development index. The last 10 years have seen rapid improvement in roads and ports, with 36 and 34 roads improving their quality. However, despite investments of over Rs 11 lakh crore ($150 billion) in the last decade, 521 rail lines are still operating on a 1.6 km2 foot-rail network. The consistent disregard for modernising uses of technology and deploying more efficient systems is completely unacceptable. 

What is Video KYC You must be familiar with the term “Know Your Customer” or KYC. When you apply for any financial service, including a bank account, insurance policy or a PAN card, the KYC process is done to verify your identity. Now, suppose it does not have to be an in-person verification? The RBI has permitted using Video KYC banks as a means of remote customer verification in the banking and financial services sector. The RBI has permitted the use of Video KYC to establish the identity of customers in a non-intrusive and cost-effective way. This new move will enable quick expansion into rural areas as well as cut down on cost for small firms operating with limited funds. Bankers explain that with the wallet companies and other small fintech companies unable to expand in rural India due to a lack of KYC options and the high cost of replicating physical KYC methods, there was a clear need for adopting newer methods. Video KYC makes it possible to instantly establish the identity of customers.

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