How To Get Certified As An Interior Designer In India?

Interior Designing is multi discipline and is an amalgamation of science & creativity. Furthermore, it involves creating unique experiences for both residential as well as commercial spaces. Interior Designer is concerned with visualizing & designing awe inspiring & unique yet functional & efficient interior spaces. Candidate completing their interior designing course can get opportunities to work in furniture & furnishing design, product designer, lighting fixture design & kitchen & bath design etc.  

An interior designer has to keep himself relevant and that’s why he needs to not only research & analyze the customers, market and economic trends, fashion trends, socio cultural factors besides modern and traditional design concepts etc.

Develop the following skills that are required for becoming an Interior Designer:

  • Creative skills are a must to elicit distinct concepts.
  • Sketching skills will enable Interior designer to not only explain the concepts but also in selling them to clients for approval. These sketches will also facilitate in delegating as well as elucidating the work to various teams from different departments who are working on the project.
  • Candidates must be equipped with brilliant sense of colour, textures, patterns and designs
  • Outstanding communication and networking skills are a must for then only you will be able to build & manage relation with clients, architects & other stakeholders besides working with multiple teams.
  • You should display scientific aptitude and analytical mind along with thirst for knowledge in order to keep updated with modern trends, sustainable techniques as well as materials, knowledge of the customer, their evolving tastes etc.
  • Comfortable in utilization of technology along with knowledge of various software
  • Organized so as to be capable of managing multiple projects and handling several clients while adhering to deadlines.
  • Attention to details so as to offer customers immaculate experience while conceptualizing interiors

Before identifying the right college, students must find answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of projects do you want to handle? Is it to handle domestic projects, designing people’s home or is it to handle large commercial projects including Hospitals, Hotels, Factories, airports, Shopping centers etc?
  • Do you possess the skills, determination, persistence & patience to supervise projects involving managing of construction sites, handling and solving daily predicaments while taking difficult decisions on the sly?

On finding answers to above queries, students need to prepare for entrance exams.

Eligibility Criteria for applying to interior design certification course:

  • In order to be eligible to give entrance test for Interior Design College, you need pass 12th class exams from a recognised board in any discipline.
  • The eligible candidates must pass entrance exams
  • Those students who pass their entrance exams are required to clear group discussion and interview round.
  • Students who clear the above steps are qualified to enroll for Interior Design Certification Course.

Interior Design certificate course:

  1. Curriculum should mentor student so as to give him a comprehensive perspective about interior designing including  Fundamentals, Colour Theory, Design Principles, Materials and their Application, Space planning, Ergonomics, Human Comfort & experience, etc.
  2. The curriculum must enable students to not only think critically, but also inspire them to take creative risks to come up with design that creates larger social impact.
  3. The curriculum must offer competencies in use of sustainable and environment friendly material, latest tools, techniques and software, financials, communication and presentation skills etc.
  4. The course must offer an understanding of Human behaviour, his needs, and psychology besides offering an insight into how ergonomics, colours & designs affect human psyche.  

Apply to interior design certification course for a  lucrative career.

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