How To Choose A Good Cabinet Handle?

There are many models of wardrobe kitchen cupboard handles on the market that are a very useful piece of equipment for a wardrobe, room or home. Therefore, choosing the one that suits your needs takes time, perhaps more than you thought it would be, and you should be clear about some of the features that need to be selected.

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Take into account the features we indicate here, define the method of use and let’s go for the handles that your wardrobe needs!

Wardrobe handles: which are the best?

Cabinet handles are a much needed addition to your cabinets, especially in the kitchen which is a workplace where you need easy access to the cabinets. Furniture and its accessories are in constant contact with water or other elements of everyday use, so they must be equipped with appropriate materials.

The classification we show you takes into account those elements that are essential in Decoranddecor when it comes to design. Find out about the most suitable materials and the best designed types of wardrobe handles.

What are the best materials for cabinet handles?

When it comes to materials, there are the most durable, the most decorative and the most innovative. Among the types of materials that are best suited for the function each wardrobe handle must fulfill are, among others,


If you need durable and strong handles that can withstand a large amount of work, then you should choose steel cabinet handles. These handles will stand the test of time, corrosion and rust perfectly thanks to their high-strength alloy.


If, on the other hand, you require rather light but durable kitchen cupboard handles, then you should choose aluminum handles. These accessories are corrosion resistant and slightly cheaper than steel handles, and also add an avant-garde touch to your interior design.


Choosing Zamak kitchen cupboard handles is a good solution when we want a variety of patterns combined with hardness and durability. This is because this alloy of metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc and magnesium is widely used in the manufacture of various and solid cabinet handles.

Its versatility and consistency, quite similar to steel, make it very popular, and also allows you to make more economical handles.


Selected handles made of strong plastics such as ABS / PVC is specially designed to better withstand wear and tear in outdoor areas. They are very impact resistant due to their composition and also can be obtained in many shapes and colors as they are easily formable material.

As for the types of handles, which ones are the best?

The variety is overwhelming, but don’t worry: we’ve made a selection for you that will guide you much better in choosing your style and decoration.

Of course, one should not overlook the fact that the choice of the handle must be dictated by the already existing design in your rooms.

A modern handle for cabinets

Cabinet handles in this style are characterized by clean lines, both straight and curved. Their designs are minimalist, without elaborate ornaments, in metallic or ocher colors. Most of them have two screw points for mounting.


These handles are reminiscent of bygone eras, leaving behind the style and elegance that characterized them in their time. These are more elaborate designs, with a fusion of different materials such as Zamak and ceramics and antiqued or copper finishes.

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