How Leaders Should Think About Employee Benefits

The most controversial yet demanding relationship in the world is between a boss and their employee. This not so emotional connection is always under the radar of being too pushy or being too dominant or in some cases intimidating. This thing never gets old, the awkwardness, the respect between them, the wall of shame, or a drive to please one and another.

Well in this blog we will be going to give out some pointers which are needed for a boss or a leader of its company that how they should think and act for the betterment of their employee. Which will be beneficial for both of them in the long run ahead, to make the firm reach the height of success.

Healthcare benefits

This is the most primary and yet important factor for any permanent employee who is working for the company tirelessly. Not only healthcare but, dental procedures should be covered too. But, as we see how the world is evolving and changing of things occur swiftly, people tend to get affected by it mentally, and deteriorating of mental fitness is the result of poor performance in the work, as everything is interlinked. So providing full coverage of physical and mental health is equally important, and it should be implemented by the head officials.  

Paid holidays

Paid holidays are every employee’s right, the day he joined the company. Without any holidays his work performance will be affected at large. Be it New Year’s Eve or Christmas it is mandatory for the company to declare it official off on that day and it has to be the paid ones. One more thing which has to be added is minority or ethnic holidays, those people who don’t belong to the majority and come from a minority like in an office located in the US, have Americans, immigrants like Indian, Arabs or Jews. Their holidays should be given in accordance to their specific religion and culture, for instance, Muslims should be given an off during Eid celebrations, Indians have their Diwali, and an off on Passover for the Jews. That’s how an ideal leader should be to create harmony among their staff members.

Overtime pay

If the commitment of the work is from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM, no extra hours should be demanded from the employee until or unless it is to be paid for. Expecting that the employee should stay after work hours is mental harassment as its capacity to work is passed and this time is his dedicated off time, which is needed to be signed off but, until or unless some extra set of work erupted at the last moment and is needed to be attended ASAP, so extra monetary benefit should be given to him/her as it is their right and the boss’s duty. 

Be considerate 

Employees are humans too, they have emotions, they can get sick and feel under the weather, and have desires, dreams, and goals too. But, most often it is seen that leaders demand excessively and expect too much in the return for the salary which they provide. Bosses should have empathy, humanity, and compassion towards their workers. At times it is not always money, paying attention to their needs is a priceless act of being a true leader. Sometimes an employee is a student too and the boss can be their mentor and should guide them well like helping them out with essay writing service in uk when they are stuck.

Mutual respect

Respect is a given and taken thing. If you give respect you will get respect in return, it is not a one-sided game, and you have to be selfless in order to achieve the return of favors. Everyone is different and demanding, the same thing goes for leaders that they expect the same amount of results from each employee that too in an identical manner is stupidity. Celebrating milestones of your employees, celebrating their birthdays will make them feel that they are appreciated well in the organization. Respect should be shown during the holiday season by way of Christmas gifts for employees. Spreading a little festive cheer and spirit during the holidays can help in improving employee morale and showcase that the business feels for the employees and their families. 

Recreational activities

All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy, a famous saying which clearly implies on employees too, having a monotonous military routine, leading boring weekdays at work, and non-stop work hours, will surely affect the performance of the workers. Annual picnics, day trips, and dinners with colleagues and bosses can make an immense difference in the work outcome. It refreshes one’s mind and boosts up their morale, to strive more for the company.

Sabbatical option

Taking a break from work to study or for professional growth without leaving the organization is termed a sabbatical, every company should offer these to their workers if they want to make a transition in their career with the promise to return back to that position. Things like these make the employee’s threshold strong and determined towards the commitment of their organization. It is seen employees often take sabbaticals for higher studies like for MBA and Masters, but indeed they are lucky to have undergraduate essay writing help to ease up their grades load.


Things like favoritism, discrimination, and mental torture work against the progression of a company and its leader. A leader should be like a pious figure in the office, where employees feel safe and are heard. Offering bonuses, appreciating their hard work, and promoting them where needed is a sign of a leader who leads its pack for the betterment.

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By Cary Grant

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