How Can I Appeal To Health-Conscious Customers As A Vending Machine Operator?

Of course, nobody is going to claim that healthy vending hasn’t long been a thing, because it certainly has. The idea of selling healthy snacks and beverages through a vending machine is almost as old as vending machines themselves, though the idea of what constitutes healthy snacks has changed a lot over that long history. There are plenty of excellent snacks out there that can be implemented in standard snack machines, all kinds of fresh options if you want to install an impressive new refrigerator machine, and plenty of very healthy beverage options out there that work in any standard drink dispenser.

The trick is to make people aware of it, because the average Joe has an instinct to go for the sugary snack, just figuring it’s a consequence of not being home to eat right, not even noticing the equally appealing healthy options. Of course, this depends on your location, doesn’t it?

Healthy vending in an airport is all about equally distributing your vending machine setups near food courts and around terminals, the terminals being to catch people connecting flights, the ones around the main food areas being to catch people coming or going from the airport. The thing to do is to place your healthy snacks right next to your traditional snacks. If you oriented to the right, people will most likely see it first, also.

When it comes to malls, the best thing to do is to group them next to the soda machines, and place the traditional snack machine a little further away from the two. This will encourage impulse buys from people just buying a drink, and mailer people away from the traditional snacks in favor of the healthy vending options since it’s right next to the drink machine. People in malls are in a retail mindset, for people and airports are just in survival mode, so you can see why the groupings would differ. Of course, you don’t want to lose business with your traditional snacks either, so don’t go any further in trying to lure people away from them, just make them very present in people’s field of awareness, and people will make healthier choices more often.

Often, people will buy a healthy snack and then by a less healthy one as a treat for later, having thought of themselves as having been good by purchasing the healthy snack. Of course, there will be a lot of parents that will just acquiesce to give the kids a candy bar is of the healthy vending option.

Offering healthy options is doing yourself a lot of favors. People who are tempted by vending machines, but don’t want to eat something unhealthy will no longer be lost customers when you have healthy options, and you can encourage healthier habits and give vending machines a better reputation overall as dispensers of more than just junk food and sugar water. Vending machines are just the technology, and anyone with a little bit of entrepreneurial know-how can figure out what kind of inventories to appeal to the widest demographics and encourage better lifestyles.

Bio – We are Vijay and Jenieva Ramnarine, the owners of Premium Healthy Vending. We are residents of Lake Nona, Orlando and advocates of healthy vending.

You’ve all seen the stats on increasing rates of childhood and adult obesity rates. The good news is that change is coming. Schools are providing more nutritious meals and more and more businesses are looking at healthy vending as an addition to their Corporate Wellness Program. This is where we come in.

At Premium Healthy Vending we bring a healthy vending option to businesses and facilities in Orlando. We can place our healthy vending machine next to traditional snack and drink machines or we can replace the junk food machines with our healthier option.

If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like us to visit your facility, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page or call us directly at (407) 605-2875.

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