How can a portable mill benefit my landscaping or land clearing business?

If you work in lumber, then you already know the benefits of a portable mill, especially a portable chainsaw mill. However, if you work in landscaping, land clearing or something else like it, then the idea of investing in something like this may seem foreign to you, considering you don’t provide lumber as your main source of income. Still, as a landscaper or land clearing specialist, you have surely put a lot of thought into how nice it would be to be a little convert large tree waste into something more profitable than just maybe firewater mulch, but it’s never been practical to haul them off to Mills due to having to do all of that prep first. Regardless of this, though, you have likely longed for equipment that could make clearing away these trees easier if nothing else. The traditional ways of sectioning off these trees on site has been dangerous, labor-intensive and one of the worst aspects of having to clear land or do landscaping work at all. Probably the only thing worse is having to do irrigation, but I can’t help you there unfortunately.

All of that said, a portable mill is a different kind of beast. These modular systems can be set up, taken down and reconfigured to handle a tree wherever it is spelled without any problem. It will safely section off the tree, processing for lumber, firewood or for mulch with only a couple of people, and very little labor or time having to be put into it compared to the old way. This way, you can prep the tree for any manner of profitable secondary uses, or just reduce your labor and difficulty in getting it into a state where you can easily remove it from burning or other forms of disposal, depending on your goal and depending on the tree.

This equipment is very compact when it isn’t set up, meaning that you don’t need large vehicles to move it around, they can be operated by electricity or by gas, some of them even being able to do both, meaning that no matter where you are, you can easily power them. They are easy to set up, they are easy to maintain in their remarkably affordable purchases, especially when you consider the amount of labor overhead, time and potential secondary profit that you can make by incorporating these into your toolset. If you are still interested in a portable chainsaw mill, ask anyone who works in the lumber industry about the portable mill concept. They will tell you how remarkable these things are, and how anyone that has to deal with disposing of trees and large limbs should really add the so there toolset if for no other reason than to make their job much easier. There is an old adage, that being to work smart not hard, after all.

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By Cary Grant

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