Home Staging: Add Value and Sell Faster

The real estate market is not only booming. It feels like the demand for residential property, especially in metropolitan areas, is higher than ever before. Nonetheless, do you have the feeling, or have you already experienced that your inherited or vacant property, for example, cannot be sold optimally or quickly enough?

The sales psychology teaches us that only a few seconds to decide whether we like something or not. So, we unconsciously decide very quickly whether we want to buy something. To make a quick purchase decision, you need a positive gut feeling. It would therefore be ideal if the property to be sold was to be ” cosmetically embellished ” without having to register a construction site or undertake complex and, above all, expensive renovation work. This is exactly what professional home staging does. So, if you want to sell your property faster and at the best possible price, you will find information below on how you can skilfully stage your property with home staging.

What Is Home Staging?

Home Staging
Home Staging

Basically, the principle is not new – we already encounter this type of sales strategy in many areas of our everyday life: think about how you performed at your last interview or at an important meeting. You have certainly adapted your wardrobe to suit the occasion. After all, you wanted to convince your counterpart of yourself.

Likewise, attractively designed shop window displays, a harmonious interior design in furniture department stores or aesthetic fashion photography in online fashion shops ensure that a wide range of customers will enjoy the sale object.

Even with home staging, your property is put in the perfect light, optimally prepared house for sale, and thus professionally presented to future buyers.

Skilfully Put the Property in The Limelight

The goal of a home staging measure is to create a well-being effect for the defined target group through a coherent overall picture of the property. Ideally, home staging ensures that many potential buyers feel addressed and that both the demand and the value of the property are increased.

This makes home staging an important tool in real estate marketing as a sales promotion measure. Well, known and successfully used in the USA for a long time.

Home staging brings the advantages of a property to the fore and conceals defects without covering them up. The furniture and decorative elements used are cleverly used so that a warm and at the same time neutral room is created. A pleasant ambience is created and at the same time it gives those interested in buying the freedom they need to imagine their life and their future personal furnishings in the property.

Home Staging in Unoccupied Properties or Inherited Properties

Home Staging
Home Staging

Have you inherited a property that has been uninhabited for a long time, is in a rather unsightly state or has unattractive furniture, wallpaper, or carpeting? Older or inherited properties often do not meet the needs of interested parties. And when in doubt, you tend not to buy an object that you don’t feel comfortable in. Of course, the current standards must be adhered to and appropriate repairs – if necessary – carried out.

Create A Cosy Living Ambience & Already Score Points on Photos

If, however, it is only a question of blemishes, such as an unattractive interior, outdated furnishings or rooms that appear dark, home staging can already enhance the visual appearance of the property and create a feel-good atmosphere. And ultimately sell them better.

Rental furniture and decorative accessories underline the advantages of rooms in professional home staging. If there are permanent fixtures such as open wall cupboards in the property, these are included in the concept and decorated accordingly. Ultimately, this also makes your property more “photogenic”. This creates increased attention during the presentation on the Internet and ensures a good first impression.

Stimulate The Potential Buyer’s Imagination

According to the Society for Home Staging the great majority of people find it difficult to grasp the dimensions of an empty room and to imagine it with their own furniture.

Home staging starts exactly at this point: creativity can be stimulated with a neutral and at the same time warm, appealing interior design in previously unoccupied rooms. Your potential buyers can more easily recognize the potential of the property and be able to visualize future life in the property better in their minds eye.


Home staging is of course also possible if you want to sell your own home and will still be living in it during the sales phase. It is only important that a few things are observed so that a smooth and quick sale is possible even under these conditions.

Absolute Order and Cleanliness

A first and natural point is of course absolute order and cleanliness, so that the property can be viewed at short notice in case of doubt. This also means that your pets should only be in a certain part of the property during the sales phase. Bright and freshly cleaned windows also provide more light in the rooms.

A clearing should also be scheduled with – unnecessary clutter disappears and creates space, which spaces can be also appeared larger and brighter.

De-Personalization of The Premises

The de-personalization of residential property is one of the most important steps in preparing a sale of a residential property. Because prospective buyers are primarily interested in how they can develop their own personality in the space in the future. Individual and overly personal furnishing preferences could distract the interested party from it. When in doubt, it is more difficult for him to imagine how he himself will live and live in it.

This means that all personal items such as photos, religious symbols, souvenirs, and very individual decorative elements should be removed from the premises for the time of the sales phase or packed in their own moving boxes.

Skilfully Use Light and Colours

If some rooms are very dark, it is advisable to play with light and colours. A simple coat of paint in neutral but friendlier shades can often work wonders here. Sometimes it also helps to remove old curtains or roller blinds, set up additional, aesthetically pleasing light sources and switch them on during the tour.

With professional home staging, cleanliness, order, a balanced light, and colour concept as well as a neutral and reduced ambience ultimately create a possible projection surface for the living dreams of future buyers in an inhabited room.

And even if some diligence and discipline are required during the sales phase – the advantages are obvious: The sales phases are usually shorter thanks to home staging and at the same time you have already prepared your own move well and certainly made it easier.

Home Staging
Home Staging

Tips For Selling a House: This Is How Your Property Is Also Convincing

In addition to the measures already mentioned above, such as de-personalization, cleanliness, and order, light and colours, a cosy living atmosphere through rental furniture, etc., the following points must also be observed:

The First Impression Counts – Don’t Forget the Outdoor Areas:

Of course, the way into the property should also be inviting. Weeds on paths, withered plants, and hedges as well as weathered garden furniture are not doing so well. A well-tended lawn, bushes and healthy plants create a different ambience. Garden tools, children’s toys or even rubbish should be removed..

Even a weathered, old front door or a corresponding garage door doesn’t look so good, and neither does an old and dirty doormat. If possible, the front door or gate can be given a coat of paint and the old mat can be replaced at low cost.

Home Staging: Convince with All Your Senses

Home staging creates a feel-good atmosphere with an aesthetic look, but good feelings are not only created by what we see.

It goes without saying that all rooms and all windows should be cleaned. It creates optimal lighting conditions and a clean, fresh ambience.

Unpleasant smells should be avoided or removed at all costs. This is the case when there is too much moisture in the rooms, or the previous tenants were smokers. Long and generous ventilation applies here several times a day. A neutral, unobtrusive room scent can also help.

Sales Talks in The Most Pleasant Part of The House

After the house visit, you should take a seat in the most beautiful and pleasant part of the property: usually this is a cosy and tidy eat-in kitchen with a view of the garden from the window. Or maybe the pretty dining table in the living room from which you have a wonderful view of the room and its beautiful details.

Even during this phase of the property presentation, the potential buyer unconsciously continues to perceive sensory impressions – accordingly, he should be able to let his gaze wander or enjoy the view of the countryside.


Of course, you can implement some of the home staging tips yourself. However, if it is a large property with many rooms, floors and a large garden and front yard, this can become an unmanageable expense.

You should also think about professional house staging if the property has still not found a seller after 3 months on the market or if potential buyers want to buy well below value.

An investment in a professional home stager can be worthwhile here – you lean back and relax and leave the optimization of your property to the experts.

More Than Just Aesthetics: Professional Target Group Analysis and Legal Protection

A home stager also has the necessary expertise to analyse the target group for the property and then tailor its measures precisely to this. In case of doubt, a large house in the countryside on the outskirts will be visited by a different target group than the old loft building in the city’s trendy neighbourhood. The home stager takes these conditions into account in its concept.

It is also very important: Home staging is not a cover-up of flaws! It puts the advantages in a good light, making flaws less annoying or annoying. Home staging professionals know exactly what is legally covered by a cover-up, what is prohibited and what is legally permitted and thus ensure a legally secure process of the sale.

As you can see, a good home staging concept can upgrade a property for sale with minimal effort and a manageable investment.

Regardless of whether it is an occupied property or an heirloom that has been vacant for a long time: With the help of a home stager, you can lean back stress-free while your property is being optimized for the sales phase to find a new buyer faster or at a better price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about home staging and benefit from our experience. We work together with qualified homestayers, are happy to make recommendations and put together a complete package of marketing and home staging for you.

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