Home Maintenance Inspection and Why It Makes So Much Sense in the Current Scenario?

If you are planning to put up your home on the market, then the first thing that you ought to do is to get a home maintenance inspection done. After all, you would want your home to get a clean bill of health before an actual home inspector lands on your front doorstep, to assess your property. Sure, you may have more than a few queries regarding a home maintenance inspection which is why you need to read the rest of the post. Just check out the information posted below.

Home maintenance inspection, the gory details

Most homeowners often get confused between an actual home inspection in Holladay UT, and a home maintenance inspection. A home inspection is conducted by a licensed professional who is there to visually assess a property. Whereas a home maintenance inspection is also carried out by a licensed professional where the seller has no idea of selling the home. The professional reviews the home, including the roofing, plumbing, HVAC systems, water leaks, and even stagnation. But what should be pointed out is that a home maintenance inspection allows you the chance to get the issues sorted out and repaired, well before an actual home inspection takes place. Given that, it makes sense to get one done every few months so that you are prepared should you think of listing your home in the market.

What takes place during one? 

When it comes to a home maintenance inspection, often the professional will walk through the home, and assess it for flaws if any. He will then do a show and tell, where he would explain all the issues found so far and list out what you need to do. To state that this forms an essential part of any home maintenance inspection would be an understatement. Once the inspection is done, the inspector would mail you a complete maintenance report while listing out all the flaws. You are under no obligation to carry out these repairs, instead, you can think of them like a to-do list, one that you can attend to in your free time. 

Do you require a home maintenance inspection?

 Roughly, you need a home maintenance inspection every three to five years. After all, you would want to head off any issues when they are still small, rather than wait for them to become huge. Think about it this way, a leaking faucet may not cost much but if you had to replace the entire plumbing at your home, the bill to get it done would be enormous. It makes sense to get a home maintenance inspection done every three years since you can use the repairs to head off any major issue. After all, the home inspector is not trying to sell you anything, rather he is listing out pertinent facts about your home which you need to know.

Who carries it out and what would be the cost?

Fair enough, generally professionals who carry out a pre-purchase inspection would be more than qualified to carry out a home maintenance inspection too. And it is only fair that you should ask about the expense of carrying out one at your premises; even though this may vary from state to state, generally the expense can be pegged at around $3000 but this can vary depending on the area as well as the median age of the home itself. And keep in mind that it would be a good idea to set aside 1% of the purchase price, for repairs and quick fixes as well. 

These are some of the essential pointers regarding home maintenance that you need to review and get done at the earliest before you can consider putting up your home for sale.

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