Guidance for Buying Gifts for Women

Men seem to have problems buying gifts for the women in their lives. It seems to be a universal thing, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, aunts and so on. If you are struggling to know whether to buy a waxed canvas toiletry bag, or a great piece of jewellery or something else, here are some gift tips to help you make the right choice and keep them happy!

Find a way to remember the big dates

One of the things that annoy a lot of women is when the men in her life forget the special occasion, whether it is Valentine, an anniversary, their birthday or Mother’s Day for example. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to set reminders, on your pc, laptop, tablet, phone. Or go old-fashioned and mark a calendar and put it somewhere you look!

Pay attention when you are getting hints

Women will often hint about gifts they want leading up to the big day. They saw some beautiful earrings at Martha Jean or they will bookmark pages, or mention they need something in particular for their hobby, or that they want to travel somewhere one day. All of these are things you should write down as soon as you hear or see them so that you can refer to them for ideas when the time comes to get something or do something.

Ask others for ideas or opinions

Ask friends, family, especially people who know the women in question about what they think is a good idea. If you have an idea ask others if they think it is a good one.

Keep a list of great places to buy

When you get a successful gift, note down the shop, the jewellery designer like Martha Jean, restaurant, hotel, flower shop and so on. Then you can go back to them to buy again!

Be open to buying all year round!

Rather than waiting until the day is almost here and then looking, keep your mind open and ears open for gift ideas all year round. If you spot a waxed canvas toiletry bag you know your mother would love, but it is not her birthday for another 5 months so what? Get it and keep it somewhere you remember and then you have a gift for her all sorted out.

Get it in the right size

Size is not just something to think about with clothing. You also need to know ring sizes if you get rings, neck size if you want to get her a necklace or chain, foot size if you want to buy them shoes or slippers. So if you do decide to get something like that then learn their size. If you are not sure it is far better to opt for something where you do not need to know a size.

Consider giving surprise gifts

You do not have to save giving gifts or spending time with them for just special occasions. Surprise your wife with some flowers or a meal and a show, give your sister a book from their favourite author. It is nice to get something unexpectedly.

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