Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: Which is Better?

It’s time to make a choice. Your new kitchen demands a gorgeous custom countertop. But should you go with granite or quartz? One neighbor has natural stone and the other got the manmade option. Both are beautiful! Will one pay you back better than the other?

Choose a Granite Countertop to Wow Potential Home Buyers

Granite and quartzite countertops remain at the top of the list for preferred finishes for new home buyers. The durable natural stone maintains its like-new appearance for twenty years and longer when properly maintained. You can find them in an array of neutral tones that work well with today’s kitchen decor, and it will also blend when the fads change. They look amazing, feel wonderful, and will help to bump up your price when it comes time to sell.

Quartz Countertops Bring Consistency and Selection

Since granite is a natural stone, you may find the slab with the colors and speckles that you love also has a large vein that you don’t.

As a man-made material, quartz countertops deliver a more consistent appearance. If you are building a supersized kitchen, you are more likely to find multiple slabs of quartz that perfectly match. Modern manufacturing techniques are creating quartz that looks almost like granite or marble but eliminates the struggle to source slabs from a single sample.

Your quartz countertops will also survive the next twenty to thirty years as long as you wipe up any staining spills as soon as possible.

Both Types of Stone Resist Stains and Scratches at a Competitive Price

The change in demand and supply for both granite and quartz over the past decade have resulted in the two products now competing in price for most home improvement projects.

You will need a countertop technician to measure your installed kitchen cabinets to create a template for both granite and quartz. They are cut at our fabrication shop by a robotic saw using a computerized design. The original slabs for both products measure between four and five feet deep by eight to ten feet long–depending on the manufacturer or quarry.

They are installed by the same team using similar methods to minimize the appearance of seams and affix them to the cabinet base.

Finally, both can be porous and sealing them every few months using a stone sealant will prevent any stains.

Fall in Love with the Perfect Quartz or Granite Countertop when You Visit Our Showroom

Ultimately, the decision is yours. For a smart flipper, granite is still the smart decision for its good return on investment. But when shopping for a countertop for your home, find either the granite or quartz that grabs your attention. The only way to do that is by visiting a fully-stocked showroom, like ours at The Countertop Shop on Airport Highway in Monclova, OH. We hope to see you soon!

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By Cary Grant

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