Pre-Abortion Preparation Stages at get abortion pills in Dubai-2021

Things to do before abortion are very important. The person who thinks that she is pregnant first consults a person with whom she can share this event, or tries to find the doctor to have an abortion via the internet. They visit their web pages, look at working physicians, examine the CVs of physicians, and search for prices. This research can take days. If possible, come to the center  at Get abortion pills in Dubai where the abortion will be perform with a friend or spouse who can accompany you after the procedure.

Pre-Abortion Stages at get abortion pills in Dubai

  • Do not take anything by mouth 5 hours before the procedure. This includes water.
  • Before abortion , after a thorough questioning, a full gynecological examination by Get abortion pills in Dubai and a transvaginal ultrasonography should be perform.
  • His last menstrual period, blood type, diseases, why he does not want to be pregnant, what to do about family planning after that, etc. should be well examine and medical advice should be given to him before and after the procedure.
  • How many weeks of pregnancy should be determine and record.
  • The patient’s last menstrual period must be written.
  • Before being taken to the procedure room, always go to the toilet and empty your bladder.
  • Be sure of your blood type. Inform the doctor 1 day in advance if you have a chronic illness or medications you use regularly.
  • Abortion is a bleeding operation, and the patient’s suspect coagulation disorder should be investigate before this procedure, and if necessary, tests should be perform and abortion should be perform by taking precautions in special cases.
  • Calculate your gestational week base on your last menstrual period . If you do not know your last menstrual period or you are not completely sure, your doctor will already determine the size of the pregnancy with pre-abortion ultrasonography.
  • In our country, abortions up to the 10th week of pregnancy are legal. A complete anamnesis should be taken from the patient who comes to the doctor in order to terminate the pregnancy (it is use in the medical language to collect detailed information about the patient).
  • An Ultrasound picture should be attach to the patient’s file in case of any suspicious situation Get abortion pills in Dubai at health center.
  • Genital tract infection screening should be perform in the patient to be treat, and if it is not possible, antibiotic treatment should be applied after the procedure, especially in terms of chlamydia infection.
  • In high-risk groups, hepatitis and AIDS testing should be perform.
  • Vaginal smear removal should be recommend as in all patients.

Medications Given Before Abortion

Before the abortion, if the patient prefer general anesthesia as the type of anesthesia. An anesthetic drug is administer through the vein, so that the patient is put to sleep during the procedure. The drugs given to make the patient sleep during abortion are not the same as narcosis use in major surgical operations.

This group of drugs is called sedative, a tube is not insert into the throat as in general anesthesia, and the patient does not feel pain during the procedure and comes to himself a few minutes after the abortion. This form of sleep is call sedum anesthesia.

Another type of anesthesia called abortion without anesthesia is the abortion procedure with local anesthesia. For this procedure, an anesthetic drug is inject into the cervix with a needle. After the numbness, the cervix is ​​widen and abortion is start.

Sublingual Pill Given Before Abortion

Sublingual drugs given before abortion are a drug used in large pregnancies that have passed the abortion period but certain anomalies have been detected or the mother has begun to put the mother at serious risk.

A suppository is applied to the woman for abortion. After the vaginal suppository, the sublingual pill is given to the patient in the form of half a dose at intervals of two hours. Sublingual medication given before abortion initiates uterine contractions. Thereby terminating the pregnancy. This medicine also helps to dilate the cervix. These drugs are not sold in the market.

The sale of these drugs in pharmacies is prohibited by the Ministry of Health. Hospitals, Obstetricians and Gynecologists at Get abortion pills in Dubai take it from Provincial Health Directorates and use it for their patients. In real terms, the process with these drugs takes a very long time. Therefore, sublingual pills have not been used routinely. Sublingual drugs are sold in the world market under the names Cytotec (misoprostol) and RU480 (Mifepristone).

Get abortion pills in Dubai

These drugs are used especially in dead pregnancies and pregnancies with anomalies and spontaneous abortions are ensure. After spontaneous miscarriage occurs. It is check with ultrasound and if there is a piece left inside, abortion is perform.

Another area where these sublingual drugs are used is when the cervix is ​​not opened after the patient is put to sleep. When starting the abortion procedure in a patient who comes for an optional abortion, the cervix is ​​not opened and the process cannot be started by inserting a carmen cannula into the uterus. In this case, the patient is awakened and the table is explained to him.

Then, these drugs are started according to the protocol created by the international organization call FIGO. The patient’s cervix is ​​opened and miscarriage is ensured. It is insert through the cervix and the abortion procedure is terminate.

Pre-Abortion Tests

Before the abortion at Get abortion pills in Dubai , detailed information about the patient’s health status is obtained by performing tests and tests. Pre-abortion tests are required before almost every surgical procedure. If the patient has a chronic disease or regularly uses drugs, he/she should share with the physician in detail. With blood tests, parameters such as blood coagulation time, blood values, blood group are measured. If blood incompatibility is detected during abortion, couples should be given a blood incompatibility injection.

Is It Possible to Smoke Before Abortion?

Eating and drinking should be stopped for 5 hours after the abortion. Food or fluid intake may cause stomach contents to escape into the lungs during the procedure, which is a serious complication. Before the procedure, smoking should be suspended along with food and liquid intake. Smoking can reduce the effect of anesthesia during the procedure and cause low blood pressure.

What is Required for Abortion

Patient consent is required for abortion . If the woman to have an abortion is over the age of 18 and is single, her own decision is sufficient. If the patient is married, the consent of the spouse is also among the abortion requirements. Abortion under the age of 18 requires parental consent of the child. A court order is required for abortion under the age of 16.

In addition, since abortion is a surgical intervention, it is recommended that you have a companion who can accompany you. Your doctor at Abortion pills in Dubai online will give you enough information about the pre-procedure. You must have fulfilled all the requirements your doctor has told you before you come to the abortion center.

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