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Plumbers are known for handling water plumbing systems, from sewers to bathroom renovations and water heaters. However, some are also trained and qualified to handle gas systems – these professionals are known as gas fitters. Water pipes can leak and so too can gas pipes. You might need a gas appliance installed, your new home connected to the gas network, or you may have noticed the smell of rotten eggs which may indicate a gas leak. When you are looking for help with gas leak repair Perth you need to call a gas fitter with experience and a license in working with natural gas lines. It is essential to act quickly, leaking gas should not be ignored, as it is a serious risk to the health and safety of you and your family.

How to identify a gas leak

An odour like rotten eggs

As well as handling water plumbing leak repair Perth, a plumber trained as a gas fitter can rectify gas leaks. If you have noticed the smell of rotten eggs in your home then you need to contact a gas fitter immediately. Natural gas does not have a smell, the rotten egg smell is added to the gas so alert people when it is leaking. Otherwise, a gas leak can build up and turn into a tragedy. A qualified gas fitter has the equipment needed to detect the exact location of a gas leak, and then carry out the required fixes.

High gas bills

Another way to spot a possible natural gas leak is through your gas appliances and your gas bill. You might find you are paying more than usual on your gas bill, or you might find that appliances are not working as efficiently as they once did. A gas fitter can handle gas leak repair Perth after checking your gas lines. A gas leak might be the result of the infrastructure and pipework being compromised. It is important to act on your suspicions – when a gas leak occurs, things can become more dangerous the longer you leave it. When gas is able to build up over a longer period of time it can cause a very dangerous situation where you are just a spark away from an explosion and serious fire.


A plumber you call in for plumbing leak repair Perth could also be a gas fitter who can handle your gas needs too. But do not assume that all plumbers can handle both systems as that is not the case. Even if you know them and use them for your water plumbing systems, check and ask to see their gas fitter license. A good gas fitter will have the right tools to rectify issues and have a plan to solve problemsl. With their knowledge, you can be safe in your home.


Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. I am born and bred in country Western Australia and am now happily settled in Perth, the best city in Australia.

I understand how busy life can be. When you call a tradesman, you want them to be flexible, honest, straightforward and reliable. That’s what you get from Element Plumbing & Gas. With over fifteen years’ experience, you can rest assured knowing the job done will be done right, and at the best price.

My team and I perform plumbing and gas services, both residential and commercial in metro and country areas.

You can count on us for appliance replacement, including hot water systems. My expert team also perform fixture replacement, such as new toilets. We can be first on site to perform emergency repair on burst water pipes, gas mains and CCTV inspections on your blocked drains.

You can hire us to carry out expert plumbing and gas solutions for renovations, extensions, new home plumbing, septic tank systems and even sewer conversions.

If it’s commercial services you need, we perform refurbishments, fit-outs, new construction plumbing and backflow prevention device testing.

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